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Unlucky couples
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Two officers heard quite a few different stories before arresting a subject early one morning.

The officers were on patrol in the area of Fort Argyle Rd and I–95 when they saw a vehicle drive down a dead end dirt road that no vehicle would have reason to travel down.

They stopped the car as it was trying to turn around and the driver was opening his door.  The driver was on the phone as he got out and the officer asked him what he was doing. He said he was trying to pursue an SUV being driven by a woman who stole his girlfriend’s purse. He said he had seen it in the area.

The driver told the officer to call his girlfriend, who would corroborate the story. The driver’s girlfriend told the same story, telling the officer she needed to file a report. When he asked the couple for their names and dates of birth, the girlfriend complied, but the man gave a name that didn’t appear in the system. He proceeded to give three different DOBs over the course of questioning.

The officer handcuffed the young man and asked why he’d lied. The young man said that he was nervous because he had just smoked marijuana and was worried the officer would smell it. Once he gave his real name and DOB, the officer discovered that he had an outstanding warrant through the Chatham County Sheriff’s office.

The young man then began volunteering a surprising amount of information, including that someone from Atlanta was supposed to be meeting him with 300 “oxycotton” pills and that if he were allowed to talk to CNT, he’d give them info and name names.

The second officer on the scene was searching the man’s car and found a coil of copper cable and wiring. The young man said that he hadn’t stolen it, but that it was from his father’s shop. The officer then asked the girlfriend, and she said that he’d gotten it from her grandfather, who runs a crane rental business.

The officer became frustrated with the amount of lying going on, so the wiring was logged as evidence. He then asked the young woman if the purse story was true, to which she replied that it wasn’t – she had misplaced her purse, but found it later. However, she wanted to report that some money was missing from it. The officer told her he didn’t think she was telling the truth, and she stopped asking to file a report. CNT was contacted about the pill story. The young man was arrested for obstruction and an outstanding warrant.

• A man called police to report that his girlfriend was acting unruly. When the officer arrived the man explained the couple had a fight. He asked her to leave and she refused, so he began placing her things outside the apartment. She got angry and knocked some glass out of the window. She had left the area by the time the officer arrived. The man said his girlfriend doesn’t live at the apartment, but does stay there occasionally.

• Officers responded to a domestic fight in progress. An officer reported a woman was trying to escape from a man, but he kept forcing her back into the car. They exchanged blows. Further investigation revealed that the woman was highly intoxicated and the man was her boyfriend. He said the couple had attended a party and his girlfriend had too much to drink. She’d gotten out of the car to throw up and then ran away, causing him to chase her down. He said she was emotional about his being deployed the following week, and that he just wanted to get her home safely. The woman was apologetic about her actions and her level of intoxication.