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Very personal
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A woman was seen driving north on East Broad from Gaston. A records check of the vehicle’s tag revealed the driver had no valid insurance, a suspended registration and the tag had expired. A traffic stop was issued and the officer explained why she was stopped.

The woman was adamant that everything on the car was in order and that the officer was wrong. She provided the officer with an insurance card that expired last January.

The woman was asked for her license, but she said she didn’t have it with her. She was then asked for an ID card, but said she didn’t have that, either. She also said she had a Wisconsin driver’s license, but didn’t know where it was.

A records check revealed that the woman wasn’t licensed through either Georgia or Wisconsin. She did however have ID cards in both states. A check of the Chatham County Jail database revealed she had been arrested last May for no permit and no insurance.

The woman was placed under arrest, at which point she became verbally abusive and profane. She accused the officer of stealing from her when her purse was searched prior to her arrest.

Inside, the officer found a Wisconsin ID card. The woman yelled further when the officer refused to let her use her cellphone in the back of the squad car.

Among the woman’s comments were, “You probably need some p---y. You need to go home and f--k your wife.”

She also called the officer several racial slurs and continued being vulgar and verbally abusive. She took the handcuffs off of herself in the back of the squad car and told the officer, “I don’t give a s--t about you!”

The woman was charged with no permit, no insurance and expired tag.

• A woman was approached by a second woman and challenged to a fight at a fast-food restaurant located at Abercorn and White Bluff.

The woman said she was in the drive-through line when the suspect pulled up in her car and told her to get out of her car so they could fight. The victim said the suspect wanted to fight her because the victim’s ex-boyfriend (the suspect’s current boyfriend) got the suspect pregnant while still dating the victim. The victim said she just wanted the boyfriend to leave her alone. A police officer located the suspect at her job and questioned her about what happened. She said the victim wanted to fight her a year and a half ago while the suspect was pregnant. She said when she saw the victim at the drive-through, she wanted to address their problems. She said she never wanted to fight, but was angry at the victim because of what had happened in the past.

Both women were told how they could go to Magistrate Court and take out a peace bond so that they will stay away from each other.

Employees of a Jefferson Street business closed up and locked the stores for the night, leaving $500 to $600 cash in a locked register. The business’s vice president arrived the next day and found that someone had used a key to enter the business before stealing the cash from the register, as well as a 19-inch flat panel computer monitor. The suspects apparently locked the door after they left as it was still locked when the man arrived.

When asked about possible suspects, the victim said he believed the boyfriend of a former employee committed the theft. He said the employee, a man who dresses as a woman, was recently down-sized, but he still had a key to the business.

The employee’s boyfriend had been seen by two employees on the night of the theft as he was walking around the business. The suspect was described as an unemployed “cokehead” who lives in an apartment above the business.

• A woman arrived home from work and found her ex-boyfriend inside her house. She asked the suspect how he entered without a key, and he told her that he broke in through the back bedroom window. She said she asked him why he was there and he said he had no where to go and he only wanted to get something to eat and take a shower.

The woman told him she has a family violence protection order against him and he isn’t supposed to be within 500 feet of her home. She picked up the phone to call police, but the man grabbed her computer tower from the living room and ran out the back door. When she asked him why he was taking the computer, he said he needed the money.