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Was it something I said?
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A woman was sitting outside a coffee shop on Victory Drive enjoying a fresh cup of java when a clean shaven man with short hair approached her and began making small talk.
After a few minutes of conversation, the man grabbed her purse and ran off without warning. The suspect is described as being 5’8” and 150 pounds. He has either braces or gold teeth, and on the day of the incident was wearing black Dickies pants, a black jacket and a Chicago Bulls hat.

• An officer pulled over a white Lexus for speeding. After making contact with the driver, he suspected that she was driving under the influence and detected a strong odor of alcohol. She appeared unsteady while standing and had red, glassy eyes. She told an officer that she had consumed four mixed drinks. The officer asked when she had her last drink, and she answered that she did not know because she didn’t know what time it was. An officer told her what time it was, and she said that it had been 30 minutes since her last drink. She was arrested for DUI and speeding. Her vehicle was towed.

• A young man filed a report in regard to a verbal altercation and a threatening phone call. He was visiting a female friend when he got into an argument with her mother, who he said had been drinking. He was leaving the premises, while the shouting match continued. Another man on the scene told the complainant to leave, saying “you need to get up out of here.” They exchanged some heated words, and then the young man finally left. The next day he received a call from a private number, and it was the other man from the day before. He told him “I’m going to take care of you and I know how to find you.” The young man wasn’t sure how he got his phone number. Later in the day, the man called the car dealer where he’d recently purchased a vehicle to see when his next payment was due. The owner of the dealership advised him that someone claiming to be a detective had come to the business and obtained the young man’s personal information.

• An off duty officer was working security at a Congress Street club when the door man told him that there were four guys fighting outside. The officer observed two white males on the ground and then noticed two other guys running away. The officer yelled with his command voice for them to stop, but they continued running. He chased them to the corner of Barnard and West Congress Lane, where he caught one of them. The subject turned around in an aggressive manner and the officer sprayed him in the eyes with a short burst of pepper spray. He was arrested for Obstruction. EMS was called, but the man refused treatment. The other subjects involved in the fight also refused treatment.

• An officer was called to a rental car company office in reference to a damaged vehicle. Sometime between 11 p.m. and 10:30 a.m. the vehicle had been damaged, and there was a witness. The witness said a white male kicked the door of the vehicle. After the incident a man in red shorts came and removed the door kicker from the scene. Both individuals returned to a nearby hotel. The officer made contact with another witness at the hotel. Police were able to locate the man whose son had done the damage. He said his son had been intoxicated and they had gotten into a verbal dispute which had caused him to take out his aggression on the nearby vehicle. He said he didn’t know where his son was or how to get in contact with him. After leaving the scene the suspect contacted police and said he had made arrangements to pay for the damage.