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What happened to going down with the ship?
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Officers were alerted to assist with locating victims of a capsized boat around one o’clock in the morning. Upon arrival, they were informed that there were two people sitting on a pylon below the Veterans overpass of the Little Ogeechee River. They were not injured.

Blankets and a radio were lowered to them. The pair said that they had taken off in a small boat from the island where they were camping for the night. When they got in the water, the boat couldn’t handle four people and started taking on water. Two persons swam back to the island. Marine Patrol and the Coast Guard were called. The two people under the bridge were picked up and the boat went to the island to check on the rest of their party. The other four people on the island said they wanted to stay and camp overnight. The two rescued individuals were dropped off safely on land and then given a ride home.

• An officer was dispatched to City Market after reports of panhandling. When he arrived on the scene, the officer watched the suspect ask two tourists at the ATM for money. There was a strong odor of alcohol coming from the suspect, his eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred. He was arrested for public intoxication and panhandling.

• There was an accident with injuries in the northbound lane of I–95. An officer arrived to find the driver laying on the ground in the fetal position next to his car. The man told police that something hit the front of his car, causing him to swerve and then lose control and crash into the guard rail. He was transported to the hospital to be treated for injuries. The officer was suspicious that the man was on drugs. During the ride to the hospital, the man would not stop talking and blamed mental illness for his outburst. Once they arrived at the hospital, the man wouldn’t comply with the doctor’s request to sit still during the CT scan. Instead he tried to argue with everyone.

• An officer went to the food court at a local mall for a miscellaneous complaint. He talked with a woman who said that she had been pulled over five times in the last year by a man pretending to be a police officer. She said it was always very early in the morning, usually when it was still dark, and she was on her way to work. The woman said he always has strange reasons for making the stop. She became suspicious, finally, this morning when he asked her for her social security number. The man became agitated when she would not give it to him. She asked if there was another officer she could talk to and the man immediately returned to his car and left. She described him as a white male in his late 30s or early 40s, clean shaven, and with medium length brown hair. He was wearing navy blue uniform pants and shirt. He had a name tag that was sewn on. He also had a gun and a radio. The officer advised her that if she saw him again to immediately call 911, and not to stop until she got to a well–lit, public place like a gas station.

• Police arrested a man for burglarizing the Pepsi plant on Montgomery Street. Several thefts had been reported from the location, so police set up a surveillance operation. Around 4 a.m. they found a 36 year old man named Frederick Green on the premises. He was arrested on two counts of burglary.

• A dead body was reported to police after it was discovered floating in the water of the canal near West Boundary and Louisville Rd. Having conducted a preliminary autopsy, police do not suspect foul play. The body was identified as Kenneth Stewart, age 44.