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Who let the dogs out?
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A woman called police to report that her neighbor was threatening to her with a shovel. The responding officer was met by the complainant who, according to the officer, "was also an obvious mental patient." The woman said that earlier in the day several of her dogs ventured into her neighbors' yards, whereupon two of their neighbors - one wielding a shovel, the other an umbrella - tried to chase the dogs out of their yards. The woman said both neighbors were cursing and using abusive language toward her, then denied complaining that she was actually threatened with the shovel. The neighbors told her they would call Animal Control if she couldn't keep her dogs out their yards. The officer noted that she had nine dogs of varying sizes and breeds wandering unrestrained. The officer explained the city and county ordinances regarding unrestrained dogs and told her that if she could not improve the situation, Animal Control would need to be called. At that point, the woman become "disorderly and belligerent," called 911 and told the dispatcher that if Animal Control came to her house, she was "going to kill herself." EMS responded and the woman was transported to Memorial Medical Center.

-- An officer responded to a Disorderly Person call and discovered that it was actually a Threat to Injure Person call. A man got into an argument while they were packing up to move and the man discovered a gun in his step-son's room. The man took the gun and hid it so his son couldn't access it, then called police because he was a previously convicted felon and didn't want to get in trouble for possessing the weapon. The officer found a .38 caliber chrome automatic pistol, unloaded. The man said his step son had called him to ask for the gun, and when he told him he "threw the gun away," his step-son told him, "when you get home, you're gonna get yours," because he would shoot him in the head. The man told the officer that the gun might have been involved in the robbery of pizza delivery man on 45th Street a week earlier. The officer located the man's step-son, who denied any knowledge of the gun or the incident as it was reported. The gun was logged as evidence at headquarters.

-- While on patrol, an officer saw a woman sitting in a square holding a brown paper bag which appeared to have a large glass bottle in it. When the officer approached to ascertain the contents of the bottle, she threw it into the bushes behind the bench. The officer asked her and her male companion for identification. Now lying on the ground, it was clearly visible that it was a beer bottle she had thrown behind her. The officer wrote a ticket for a violation of a city ordinance, which comes with a fine, and asked her to sign it. She refused to sign it and was placed under arrest. Her friend picked up the bottle and put it in a nearby garbage can so that she wouldn't also be charged with littering.

-- A store manager called police to report a possible theft of $2,746.50 by one of his employees. The manager was called by the corporate office to advise that one of four bank deposit bags had not been received when it should have been deposited a week earlier. The manager suspected that the shift supervisor, who was responsible for making the deposit, took one of the four bags. Surveillance video from the bank was obtained, and it was confirmed that a deposit had been made, but it was unclear whether three or four bags were deposited. The manager was given a CRN.