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Two men got into a dispute at the Longshoreman’s Hall on East Lathrop Avenue, but none of the witnesses saw anything happen.

The guy who reported the incident said he’d gotten into a confrontation with another man, and the guy had pulled out a small pistol, “small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.”

The man couldn’t recall what was said, or when the pistol was drawn. The complainant’s wife corroborated his story, saying the other man threatened him by saying, “I will blow your head off.” When the officer spoke to the other guy involved, he denied having a gun. He said the guy confronted him, asking, “Why are you telling people I have AIDS?” He then threatened to beat him to death. There were no other witnesses to corroborate either story.

• Police were called by a young woman worried about her boyfriend. She told the officer that he had taken what he believed to be ecstasy. When an officer arrived at the scene, he saw the boyfriend in the bathroom, on his hands and knees by the bathtub, shaking. He said that he’d taken what he believed to be an ecstasy pill and had a couple of beers before leaving his job at a chain restaurant on Abercorn Street. He told the officer that he didn’t know the person who sold it to him, but believed him enough to give him money. Southside EMS arrived and took him to the hospital.

• A few friends were enjoying some daiquiris when things turned ugly around 2 a.m. One friend wanted to leave, and another didn’t. An argument ensued. One friend punched the other in the face, causing a cut above her right eye. The girl with the cut above her eye went outside to wait for a cab. The puncher followed with a couple of people and jumped on her. Several people in the vicinity broke it up and everyone left the bar. With the cut above her eye still bleeding, the subject called police to file a report. EMS arrived on the scene, but she refused treatment.

• A lookout was placed on three black males in a white sedan in reference to an armed robbery. An officer saw a vehicle fitting the description in the same area and initiated a traffic stop. The driver continued for several blocks before stopping. The officer approached the driver, who said that he didn’t have his license on him. The officer told him a traffic stop was not his concern, and the driver became cooperative. When backup arrived, the officer asked for all the men to step out of the vehicle. It became clear they were not the robbery suspects; however, they did have seven bags of marijuana and an open beer. The driver provided three different Social Security numbers and two different dates of birth before officers finally ascertained that his license had been suspended for failure to appear in court. He was charged with false information and driving with a suspended license. A passenger was charged with intent to distribute an open container.  

• A man was hospitalized with a gunshot wound and facing burglary charges after he broke into his ex–girlfriend’s house. Just after 4 a.m. police were dispatched to the scene of a shooting, and found the suspect lying on the floor with a broken ankle and a gunshot wound. The woman woke up when she heard knocking on the window, and then a struggle between her old boyfriend and her new boyfriend. She ran out of the bedroom and into the children’s room. Her new boyfriend called the police and met them on the corner. The ex–boyfriend was taken to the hospital to be treated. Charges are pending.