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Word to his mother
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A young man was arrested and transported to a hospital after attacking his mother and her boyfriend.

The woman told officers that she’d called police to have her son taken to Georgia Regional Hospital for psychiatric treatment. She said he’d gotten upset for no apparent reason and started an argument with her and her boyfriend.

The boyfriend said the fight escalated and the young man began striking his mother in the face. He said he tried to intervene by turning the young man’s attention on him, and the son began fighting with him.

When the son refused to stop fighting, the mother and her boyfriend got out of the house and stood outside to wait for officers to arrive. The son followed them outside and kicked his mother, then threw dishes at both victims.

When an officer arrived, the son had gone back inside and was sitting on a sofa. When the officer tried to question him, he would only repeat that he wanted “that man” out of the house.

The young man also called the officer a “clown” and refused to answer any more questions. He was taken into custody without incident.

• The manager of a fast-food restaurant was robbed at gunpoint as she attempted to make a late-night deposit at a Waters Avenue bank.

The woman told police she went to the bank to drop off the deposit and pulled into the bank’s parking lot. She left her car with the deposit bag, and as she was going into the bank, saw a man running towards the parking lot.

Upon noticing the man, she placed the deposit bag on the inside of her jacket, underneath her arm, and pulled the jacket together. The man quickly approached and said, “Give me your bag,” while trying to grab it from underneath the woman’s jacket.

The woman said she initially told the man “No,” and he again said “Give me your bag,” to which she replied, “No, no, no.” The suspect tried to take the bag and the two began struggling. The woman said she attempted to fight the subject off with her hands until the man pulled out a small black gun.

At that point, the woman said, “Okay, okay, okay” and gave up the bag. The suspect then took off running from the parking lot.

A witness to the robbery said she was in her car when she noticed the victim struggling or fighting with the suspect. She said she thought the two of them were having some sort of domestic dispute. Two other witnesses said they saw the suspect running from the scene, but didn’t see the actual robbery.

• An officer was searching for a vehicle and subjects that had been involved in an armed robbery when he observed a vehicle that fit the description of the one he had been looking for.

While the officer was checking the vehicle, the driver of the car came outside. The officer explained why the vehicle was being checked.

The man was asked for his ID. The officer checked his status and learned that the man’s driver’s license was suspended for several drug violations.

The owner of the car was contacted and permission to search the car was given. A K-9 search was conducted and three roaches were found in the front passenger door.

The man immediately claimed ownership of the marijuana. He was placed under arrest on a charge of possession of marijuana.

When the man was searched, he told the officer he had a marijuana cigarette in his waistband, and it was recovered. The man was taken to the Chatham County Detention Center and the marijuana was logged into evidence.