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Police were called about a drunk perason at a fast food establishment. The woman was parked at the drive through window. She smelled strongly of alcohol, was slurring her speech and had difficulty keeping her balance even while seated.
When officers asked for her ID, she began to search through her purse, but her wallet was on the console next to her. The officer tried to point that out, but she told him, “I have my f***ing license, just wait a minute.”

The officer requested that she stop cursing. She didn’t comply. The officer asked her to step out of the car so that he could conduct field sobriety tests, but she told him, “I’m not taking s***. I didn’t drive here. I was dropped off and I’m not getting out.” At that point, the officer told her she was under arrest, and began struggling to get her handcuffed.

Once he finally got her into the back of the police car, she yelled, “I’m not a drug addict motherf***er.” Returning to her car, the officer found a full cup of alcohol in the center console and an empty prescription pill container, which should have had more than a month’s supply of anti–anxiety medication in it, but which was empty. During the ride to jail, the woman became “very irate and vulgar,” including telling the officer that she would “do anything” not to be taken to jail. When he warned her that offering him money could be construed as bribery, she began using racial epithets and then told him to “go to hell, bitch.”

• A man got nothing but trouble for painting a house recently. He was hired by a woman to paint her house, but she hadn’t paid him for the work after several weeks. He advised the woman that he would seek restitution in civil court if she didn’t come up with the money she owed him. The woman showed up at his house with her nephew around one o’clock in the morning and knocked on his door. He woke up and went to the door. The woman began talking about the money she owed him, and tried to give him a check for $100. He told her he couldn’t accept the check because it wasn’t filled out properly. At that point, the woman became disorderly – yelling and carrying on – while her nephew threatened to fight the man. He shut his door and called the police.

• A young man was walking down Pennsylvania Avenue one afternoon when an unknown subject dressed in all black with a bandana tied around his face ran up on him and said “you know what time it is, give it up.” The bandit was wielding a small black handgun that appeared to be a .22 caliber. The victim attempted to slap the gun away with his left hand and was shot in the middle finger. He took off running. The robber went back down the block in the direction he had come from. The victim called his aunt, who drove him to the hospital.

• In the early morning, police were called regarding a mental case with a knife. When an officer arrived, he was told that the man dropped the knife and walked off. The officer located the man several blocks away and said he wanted to make sure he was ok. The subject became disorderly and a scuffle ensued. The man got free and took off running. Back at the residence that called in the complaint, the officer was told that the man was sitting on the porch, and then laid down. He was told not to lay there and got upset. His family said that he was schizophrenic and had been off his medication for about a year.