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Wrath of woman scorned
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A man was enjoying a night in a club downtown when he ran into a female friend of his. The woman became enraged when she saw him talking to another girl in the establishment, and after a brief exchange of unkind words, the woman left the club, leaving the man behind. When he left several hours later, he found his car had been keyed, including scratches on the hood and down both sides. He called police and was given a CRN card.

-- Police were dispatched to West Bay Street in response to a call about a man harassing a woman and her three year old child. After obtaining a description of the man from a nearby hotel security guard, police located the suspect, who was headed eastbound on Bay carrying two 24 ounce cans of Icehouse. He told police that he did not know who the beer belonged to, but then began drinking one of them while talking further with the officer. The man said he saw the complainant and was looking for her baby. He said he wanted to give the baby a soda. The man then said, "I asked if I could be the baby's father." The officer never asked the man about the woman, and his responses were completely unprompted. The man then said that "police are m*****f***ers" and was arrested.

-- A man entered a Chinese restaurant on the Southside wanting to take out more than a food order. The black male in his 20s pulled out a silver revolver and asked the owner for all the money in the register. The man handed him everything by the singles, at which point, the assailant said "Don't play with me or I'll shoot you." The owner handed over the rest of the money and the man ran out headed east. The surveillance cameras in the restaurant were not functioning, and the suspect did not touch anything while he was in the restaurant. The suspect's description was broadcast over the police radio several times. A K9 unit was brought to see if they could pick up a trail, but they were unable to track the man. Shortly afterward another Chinese Restaurant was attacked by a man fitting the same description.

-- Police were dispatched to a call in reference to two white males sleeping in a vehicle in the middle of a roadway at 9:30a.m. The responding officer spoke with the driver, who gave what would later be discovered to be a false name. The passenger of the vehicle was in the backseat, and the officer saw several empty alcohol containers in the front seat. He asked the driver if they were his, which the man said they were, but that he wasn't drunk, just tired from working. The officer called for a portable breath tester, because the man was too unsteady to complete any field sobriety tests without nearly falling over. There were no on-duty intox operators to come administer the test, so the driver was going to be cited for improper tag and driving without a license, however, it was then discovered that the man had also given a fake name and was on parole, but still had an outstanding warrant in Bryan County.

-- Two college students called police to report that they had gone to a pawn shop to check whether some items stolen from them had ended up there. As they arrived at the store they saw a red car that they recognized and approached the vehicle. When they got to the car, the suspect was inside the vehicle and the stolen items they were looking for were in the back seat. They asked the suspect for the stolen property back, at which point he replied, "I don't care about no charge, I got money." He then pulled out a black pistol and chambered a round, saying "Y'all need to drop this, or I will shoot y'all." Everyone left the scene.