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Year-end Weird Crime Roundup
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Here are some of the most bizarre local true–crime stories from the second half of 2012:

• A man told police he shot another man because “he had not received crack cocaine he had purchased.” Patrick Russell Stafford, 49, of a Waters Avenue address, was charged with aggravated assault after the 9:23 a.m. shooting in the 600 block of East 38th Street. Nolan Biggins, 42, of a Cowan Street address, was transported to Memorial University Medical Center for treatment.

Stafford told police he had not received crack cocaine he had purchased from Biggins and others so he left and returned with a gun.


• A thief ended up in jail after he took a photo of himself on a stolen cellphone which automatically uploaded it to Facebook. At about 5 p.m. Nov. 22 police responded to the 500 Block of Charlton Lane and spoke to Lori Uhr of Florida. She told police that the previous day her vehicle had been broken into overnight and both her phones had been taken. But about 3 p.m. that afternoon she noticed a photo pop up on her Facebook account.

The photo was turned over to detectives as well as the information on the stolen phones. A detective recognized the suspect from the picture. He checked on the person he believed it to be and discovered he was currently on probation.

The suspect, Timothy Jackson, 18, was arrested charged  with burglary in the 2nd degree.

• An 18–year–old Savannah man was charged with two felonies after robbing a pizza deliverer. Kevin Andre Johnson was charged with armed robbery and aggravated sodomy after the robbery in the 600 block of West 54th Street in which he tried to force the driver to perform a sex act as well.

Johnson was taken into custody by detectives who saw he fit the description provided by the victim. Their investigation identified him as the man who ordered a pizza, waited in front of someone else’s house for the delivery, then pulled a gun and demanded money. He also has been charged with possession of marijuana.

Four other counts were added to charges against Johnson after detectives determined he recently  knocked a 54–year–old man and his 5–year–old daughter to the ground and forced an 11–year–old boy to give him $5 last Friday. The new charges include armed robbery, aggravated assault with intent to rob and two counts of cruelty to children in the first degree.

• A flim–flam theft team coerced a local woman into withdrawing money from her bank.

The 51–year–old victim in Savannah told police she was leaving Savannah Mall about 2 p.m. when the two women got into her vehicle. The woman in the front seat ordered her to drive to her bank and withdraw a considerable amount of money.

Afterward, they directed her to return to the mall and left the car walking into the Target store, taking her jewelry as well. The victim said both suspects hid their hands from her as if to imply they were armed and the woman in the back seat carried a large stack of what appeared to be new currency.