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You'd be surprised how often this happens
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A police officer was flagged down by a person around the 3900 block of Ogeechee Road. The man told the officer that he had loaned his vehicle to an unknown black male at the nearby Thunderbird Motel. He stated that he hadn't seen the suspect or the vehicle since then, more than 24 hours ago. The man told the officer that he had traded the vehicle for some crack. He was given a CRN.

-- Police are seeking a man who exposed himself to people as they dropped their kids off at school last week. At about 8:30 in the morning, police received calls that a black male with facial hair, blue jeans and a tan jacket who was driving a 1990s model teal green Ford Escort with tinted windows was exposing himself to people dropping their kids off at a local Montessori school. When one victim turned away from the indecent exposure the suspect struck her. A look out was placed after the incident and detectives are investigating.

-- While on Bay Street in response to a call about a hit and run, the reporting officer received another complaint that the same suspect of the hit and run, known by some as "Doodle bug" had been harassing a female patron at a nearby bar. The woman claimed that while she was dancing, "Doodle bug" had been trying to take photographs up her skirt using his cell phone. The female patron was unaware this was happening until another woman saw the amateur photographer trying to capture the illicit images and "making comments." The woman was given a CRN and advised to contact police if she had any additional problems.

-- A 53 year old woman was charged with murder after stabbing a man during a domestic altercation. The fight took place just after 9 p.m. on the 1000 block of Park Ave. The woman was brought in for questioning and then formally charged.

-- Shortly after 1 p.m. police were called to a Harden Street residence in regard to a person with a knife. A woman told officers that she had been in a verbal altercation with her mother and her mother's boyfriend. During the course of the argument, all three parties became disorderly. The boyfriend stated he would "kill" the woman, who grabbed a knife in order to defend herself. The woman had a newborn child and had recently moved in with her mother. She advised that she did not want to continue residing with her mother and the boyfriend. She contacted her uncle, who came and picked her up.

-- An officer was dispatched to the area near 40th Street and Jefferson in reference to a woman who had been seen prostituting herself around the area for several days. The officer approached the woman and asked what she was doing there, and she replied waiting for a friend. She then told the officer than she lived nearby on 37th Street. The officer had seen the woman hanging out with men who lived nearby and were known for selling drugs. The officer asked the woman if she had any weapons or drugs. She stated that she didn't. The officer then asked if she had ever been arrested for drug use before and the woman said yes, but that she had been clean for several months. The officer asked if the woman would allow them to search her jacket, at which point the woman held out her arms and said "yes, go right on ahead." In the jacket the officer found a glass pipe with a bronze filter at the bottom - a device also known as a crack pipe. The officer asked the woman when was the last time she had smoked crack? The woman said she had smoked some crack the previous night. She was arrested for possession of a drug related object.