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On Nov. 1, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School held a unique celebration of the annual religious feast of All Saints Day.

Children in grades Pre-K through 4 dressed in homemade saint costumes and paraded past other church communicants to celebrate the Catholic Mass in honor of all the Christian saints.

“This is just another way in which we as a school and a community celebrate our Catholic Identity,” says school Principal Lynn Brown. “It gives our students a great opportunity to learn about all the different saints and the great acts of selflessness and courage that went into their respective sainthoods.”

As part of the celebration, each student selected a saint and wrote a report on the life and times of that person. They then dressed as their chosen saint for the annual All Saints Day pageant.

Historians say the original festival was intended to coincide with the ancient Celtic New Year’s festival Samhain. Most historians trace the modern celebration of the feast on Nov. 1 to the eighth century A.D.


Six Savannah State University students participated in the 5th Annual Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund Leadership Institute and Career Fair in New York City last week.

The institute allows students to develop the latest career-building strategies and attain skills for professional and personal development.

The students are Michelle Allen, a sophomore marketing major; Tamika Chase, a sophomore criminal justice major; D’Yana Drayton, a senior political science major; Jerrod Mungin, a junior accounting major; Siboniso Ntutha, a senior accounting and computer information systems major; and Jamila Ricks-Brown, a senior mass communications major.


As part of the university's celebration of International Week, Armstrong Atlantic State University opened its International Garden Nov. 7.

The garden, now under development between Hawes and Solms halls, is now open for tours and is expected to be completed in spring 2007.

"The International Garden is designed to be an outdoor gathering place for members of the Armstrong Atlantic community," said Philip Schretter, AASU horticulturalist and designer of the garden.

The design of the International Garden features plazas representing the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America. Philip Schretter, horticulturalist for the university and designer of the garden, has begun planting trees, shrubs, and ornamentals native to each continent represented in the garden.


Saying they’re not going to let Max Burns use the fear of gay marriage to get votes this time around, a local gay rights organization distributed over 1000 flyers over the past week picturing the former (and would-be) Republican congressman bashing gays.

“We wanted to send a very clear signal to Max Burns that we haven’t forgotten what he did, and we won’t forget,” says Kevin Clark of the Savannah chapter of Georgia Equality.

Burns was Savannah’s representative in Congress from 2002-04, but lost his freshman reelection bid to Savannah’s current congressman, Democrat John Barrow.

Burns has decided to run for the seat again in the Nov. 2006 election.

“This pre-emptive strike will serve as a warning that gay and lesbian citizens will not once again be used as cheap political pawns by right-wing extremists in order to energize their base and win elections,” Clark says.

Ironically, Rep. Barrow himself is also against gay marriage, though he has said he does not favor a constitutional amendment against it.