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SCAD announces sidewalk winners

About 12,000 people attended last Saturday's Sidewalk Arts Festival, with almost 800 squares chalked, according to a SCADspokesperson.

Winners were:

Best of Show: Benjamin Ward, Illustration, Madison, Ala.; Brett Spencer, Illustration, Lexington, KY; Michael Porter, Illustration, Madison, Ala.; Nic Radowsky, Illustration, Cleveland, Ohio; Amy Hahn, Illustration, Libertyville, Ill.

Student First Place Award: Erin Ruiz, Illustration, Meridian, Ill.

Alumni First Place/Silver Square Award: Kelly White, Chicago, Ill.

Prospective Student First Place: James Anderson, Ridge Spring, S.C.

Military to get tax help

Garden City Rep. Ron Stephens announced last week that the General Assembly passed a bill he helped bring to the floor that requires county boards of equalization to provide an automatic 90-day extension on the appeal process on property tax assessments for military personnel away from home.  

"With so many of our local armed forces serving overseas on Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, many are unable to appeal their property tax assessments,""It is blatantly unfair that we have the ability to raise their assessments and they may not even find out about until they return home,"says Stephens.

Joyner to host SSUgala

National radio celebrity Tom Joyner will host Savannah State University's

2004 Hill Hall Benefit Gala on May 1 at the Westin. The gala is a black-tie affair that generates funds for SSU's academic scholarship program.  

Joyner is well known for his 'party with a purpose" events that generate scholarship funds for students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In 2002, Joyner's foundation helped raise $446,000 for SSU.  

Mission touts report

In its annual report, Union Mission, Inc. says it relieved homelessness for over 300 people locally in 2003.

"Last year, Union Mission ended homelessness for 322 people,"says Rev. Micheal Elliott, president and CEO of Union Mission. "That is our bottom line and we are proud of this accomplishment."

Highlights of 2003 were a Homeless Cancer Initiative in partnership with Memorial Health University Medical Center and the opening of the Daniel-Flagg Cottages to house HIV/AIDS afflicted individuals and families.

NOAAhonors Williams  

Savannah marine educator Hugh Robert Williams was honored as a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration "Environmental Hero" for his work "bringing coastal Georgia and the Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary into classrooms all over the nation,"a Gray's Reef spokesman says.

Department of Commerce General Counsel and Deputy Secretary Designate Ted Kassinger presented the NOAA award to Williams at the UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium on Skidaway Island last Thursday, Earth Day.  The Center will receive $100,000 from NOAA for new exhibits.

The Center will receive $100,000 from NOAA for new exhibits.

Cover girls located!

In answer to our all points bulletin a couple of weeks ago calling for an IDof our St. Patrick's Day issue cover models, we received an e-mail clearing that up.

Scarlett and Allyssa ("the short one on my hip,"Scarlett says) are the two fetching models in question. Thanks to them both for being such good sports. w