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Kathy Wilson, Customer Service Provider
Kathy Wilson

Kathy Wilson is a customer service provider at Press Works, a popular printing company located in downtown Savannah. She has worked with the company 18 years.

Could you describe what your job entails?

Kathy Wilson: I wait on customers, make coffees, take job orders, order toner supplies for the copier, check and send emails, fax briefs, order paper for jobs that we need to get to the paper company... I keep up with the jobs coming in and out, making sure they get done on time and get to the printer in the back.

What type of training does your job require?

Kathy Wilson: All the job training. Learning about new machines. If we get a new machine in, the company will come in and give us training on the machine. When we started using new computers and email, we kind of learned as we went about emailing and getting and attaching files.

Did you always want to have this job?

Kathy Wilson: Yeah, when he first hired me, I was printing, and then I started waiting on the customers more. I liked it. I like working with the customers coming in and out, different people every day. We have a convention in town, and they’ve been coming up here and getting coffees, and I’ve met people from Chicago to St. Louis, and it’s really interesting.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Kathy Wilson: Meeting new people. Some of the stores come in and get selections and everything, so I like meeting different people every day.

And your least favorite?

Kathy Wilson: When the machine breaks. We have to get new parts and all. But you know, just when the machine’s not working. We get jams, which happens a lot, because if it’s raining outside, the paper gets moisture and it jams the machines a lot.

What is the strangest or funniest experience that you’ve had at work?

Kathy Wilson: Somebody asked me that the other day. I think the strangest thing that ever happened was when a man came in with a big belt buckle and wanted me to make a copy out of it. He was going to get a tattoo. (laughs) I had to be really careful when I put the buckle down to not scratch the machine.

The most exciting thing was that they made a movie a couple of years ago, and we had to close because they were filming outside. It was The Legend of Bagger Vance and we got to see Matt Damon and Robert Redford. It happened right out there.

Do you have any advice for other people who aspire to have this job?

Kathy Wilson: Just learn all you can, because we’re going digital with more computers. I took a computer class. Just try to take classes and learn what you can with computers.