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Of guns and G.O.D.
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A few days ago I was sitting at a light in my taxi at the intersection of Montgomery Street and Victory Drive. While I was sitting at said light I saw a pickup truck (no surprise) in front of me, which had on its rear cab window a sticker which stated this:

"Don't be a victim. Buy a gun!"

Wow! What is it with the people of the U.S. of A. and the right to own a gun? Don't be a victim. OK, I'd rather be a perpetrator any day of the week.

Seriously though, has anyone done a study of how many crimes were prevented by someone having their very own legally bought firearm, as opposed to how many crimes were committed by the same group?

I sure do feel better that firearms are now legal to carry into a bar and nightclub. I sure feel safer now knowing that people are drinking and packing heat in a generally volatile environment... thank you Governor Redneck Perdue!

Then there is always that wonderful bit of false logic used by the gun lobby stating that if guns are made illegal then only criminals will have guns. That is so not true. Last time I checked all of the various forms of law enforcement seem to have guns as well. So, why don't we let these two groups do their thing and leave things well enough alone?

Cops and Criminals, the two C's. Hey, they are professionals at what they do, why should we amateurs get involved - we'd just screw it up anyway.

Hey, you having a bad run of luck, wife (girlfriend) left you, kids driving you to drink? Buy a gun or two or three or four or five... a ton of ammo and kill 20 to 40 people and then kill yourself! It's obviously your right.

I'm not sure of the number of the amendment that grants this (right) but it's a low number. Which means it was written long, long ago. It was written back when a gun was a one-shot musket, which is a hard weapon to use on a spree killing or any other type of criminal rampage.

The Constitution was written by men. Granted they were the pretty much the best and brightest of their day, but still they were men. Men of the 18th Century in fact. Times have changed much since then.

Let's see - is it a right to drive a car? Nope, it isn't! It is a privilege and much is done to regulate and codify all of us as to if we can drive, how we drive, and everything that comes with driving a motor vehicle. I don't see people up in arms about all of that government regulation.

Everyone is outraged and distraught when another gun crime is committed, yet true gun regulation is still far away. Here's an equation for you: Pro-life fanatic purchases rifle and like the zealous coward he is, shoots and kills a live abortion doctor who probably has a wife and children (grandchildren) of their own = the insanity of the right for any crackpot to bear arms.

I lived in Israel where everybody has a gun, and yet there is hardly any Israeli-to-Israeli gun violence. The problem in the U. S. is we think everything is our right - like the right to have a gun and kill whoever we want with it.

So whose freedom do we protect: the gun lovers or those who don't want to die because you're a nutbag who's had a bad childhood and mommy didn't love enough and daddy molested and has the right to buy these assault weapons that were made for maximum kill?

If I had my way I'd get rid of guns altogether. All they do is kill. Yes my crazed right-wing religious fanatics, wasn't it God who gave Moses the Ten Commandments, one of which states "Thou shalt not kill?" No ambiguous language there!

Melt them down ammo and all, build something beautiful or buy food for all the starving people of the world. That of course is not realistic, but perhaps we should make gun ownership like driving a car.

We should have a G.O.D (Gun Ownership Department) where you go through a full registration and licensing, complete with full psychological and background checks.

The G.O.D. Hey all you religious right wingers - even God would get behind that one!