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Stephen Plunk, runner

STEPHEN PLUNK is seventeen years old. A full-time student and theater major at Savannah Arts Academy and a part-time runner at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House, he has mastered the skill of time-management.

How long have you been at Uncle Bubba’s?

Stephen Plunk: Nine months.

Give us some background info on the restaurant. Why did you decide to work there?

Stephen Plunk: It’s owned by Paula Deen’s brother, Earl Hiers, better known as “Uncle Bubba,” and we serve Southern-style seafood. My mom’s friend heard there were openings there.

What exactly does a runner do?

Stephen Plunk: We take meals from the kitchen to people’s tables as soon as they’re ready.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Stephen Plunk: The people that I work with.

Your least favorite?

Stephen Plunk: Having to work instead of hanging out and having fun.

What are your future goals?

Stephen Plunk: Well, in the short-term I’d like to keep working at Uncle Bubba’s as a runner until I turn 18 and can become a server. After college I’d like to become a lawyer.

Any advice for other would-be runners?

Stephen Plunk: Come apply at Uncle Bubba’s, work hard, and make some money!