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A run through the clover
A city-wide scavenger hunt will raise money and awareness for breast cancer
Happy party-goers at the 2010 event

There will be no shortage of partying this week, that much is certain. But one party on Saturday, the first annual Shamrock Scramble, will imbue the sea of green set to engulf the city with a greater purpose — raising funds and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

“I’m a three time breast cancer survivor,” says Cayce Girardeau, of Savannah Fun Tours, who is organizing the event. “This year is my 10 year anniversary since my first diagnosis. It’s an important cause to me.”

Girardeau and her husband are no strangers to St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah. They live on the parade route, and have continued a family tradition of throwing a parade party every year.

But to mark a decade as a breast cancer survivor, she decided this would be the year to party with a purpose.
“This year, we decided that because of the 10-year anniversary, instead of doing a regular party, we’d do a fundraiser,” she explains.

The Shamrock Scramble will be a city–wide scavenger hunt that will challenge teams to complete a series of not–quite–Herculean tasks that tie into the city’s celebration of all things Irish. Each team will receive a list of tasks — ranging from ‘find a guy in a kilt and take your picture with him’ to more site specific challenges – and they will have to choose a certain number to complete.

“It’ll be like The Amazing Race but without people hurrying too terribly much — like The Amazing Race meets a pub crawl,” says Girardeau.

Recognizing there will likely be to–go cups involved, and many participants will be nursing multi–day hangovers, the scavenger tasks will focus more on fun than solving complex math.

“We’re not gonna put in any square roots or mathematical equations,” she says with a chuckle.

Girardeau might be the city’s foremost organizer of scavenger hunts. Through her company Savannah Fun Tours, she arranges them for everyone from corporate groups to bachelorette parties, and she also helped organize a scavenger hunt that took place during last week’s Stopover Festival.

The event starts at Blowin’ Smoke Saturday afternoon, sends participants all over downtown in search of items on their list, and then ends at Rogue Water Tap House (formerly Venus De Milo), where a bus will carry everyone back to the beginning for an afterparty that will include free oysters and beer.

“For $20 I can get you a T–shirt, a chance to win some cool prizes and some free oysters and beer,” Girardeau says. “That seems like a good deal.”

Girardeau recommends participants bring a camera, comfortable shoes and a good attitude. Pre–registration is appreciated, but not required, so people are more than welcome to walk up and join in the fun.

Shamrock Scramble

When: Saturday, March 19, 2 p.m.

Where: Starts at Blowin’ Smoke, 514 MLK

Cost: $20/person