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Kathy Kurazawa rides off into the sunrise
Longtime assistant to local business leader retires after decades of working to help Savannah
Kathy Kurazawa and her Harley-Davidson. - photo by Kathy Kurazawa
Whether Kathy Kurazawa is riding her Harley-Davidson or is in an important work meeting, she always has a smile on her face.

As the Assistant to the President − known to some as the “gatekeeper” − of Morris Multimedia (parent company of Connect Savannah), Kurazawa joined the Savannah-based media enterprise in 1986 and has served as the right hand to President/CEO Charles H. Morris ever since. Now, she’s starting a new chapter and retiring after 34 years.

Morris Multimedia has not only grown to be one of the largest private media companies in the nation, but has also completed several significant projects in the Savannah community, all of which Kurazawa has had a hand in throughout her time with the company. One of the most impactful endeavors was the revitalization of the historic Trustees’ Garden complex on the eastern edge of downtown.

With Kurazawa’s help, the property’s red-brick Kehoe Ironworks and Charles H. Morris Center buildings were gutted and thoroughly renovated to be transformed into modern event spaces. After the renovations were completed in 2018, the Trustees’ Garden now hosts weddings, concerts, and community events like the Christmas Festival and the Savannah Music Festival.

Having served as the go-to person for anything related to Trustees’ Garden, Kurazawa says she loves the project because it unifies Savannah and is a place for fun.

“It’s a community place for people to come and gather and be together,” Kurazawa said.
Kathy Kurazawa after completing a festive 5K run.
Kathy Kurazawa after completing a festive 5K run. - photo by Kathy Kurazawa

Another major project realized by Kurazawa was the Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program in Savannah, a free initiative aiming to teach people how to take better care of themselves. As an active runner, Kurazawa is passionate about health and wellness, and served as leader of the program’s core team.

Local participants learned about nutrition, physical health and exercise, stress management, relationships and communication, and more. In the end, over 100 people graduated from the program with new knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle.

Between overseeing special projects and day-to-day company needs, Kurazawa has served as a problem-solver and an honest voice within the company. She has worked directly with affiliates and associates across the U.S.A. and beyond. Since announcing her retirement beginning on Jan. 4, Kurazawa says that she’s feeling appreciated by many.

“So many people have told me that I’ve helped them so much, and I never really thought about it like that,” Kurazawa said. “I like helping people. I don’t just pass them off to someone else.”

Kurazawa says she thrives when keeping a busy schedule, so she’s loved her career at Morris Multimedia. Morris says that Kurazawa is the perfect kind of upbeat, joyful person for the job.

“She’s very enthusiastic about this company and what we’ve done,” Morris said. “I’ll always be grateful for her years with us. … She’s made a huge difference. I’ll always miss her.”

Kathy Kurazawa with Charles H. Morris.
Kathy Kurazawa with Charles H. Morris. - photo by Kathy Kurazawa
When asked what single thing she wanted to tell Morris before her retirement, Kurazawa became emotional and said, “Thank you. I think just appreciation for this company. It’s been a big part of my life for the last 34 years, learning so much and learning about myself.”

Kurazawa says that in retirement, she hopes to maintain a busy schedule full of exercise, time with her husband, travel, and volunteer work.

“I just think this has been a really good ride,” Kurazawa added.