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Prime Liquor Store sets a high bar
Two women create a upscale site for fine spirits
(left to right) Teejal Patel, Priyanka Pardeshi. - photo by Alex Neumann

Prime Liquor Store

12 Oaks Shopping Center

5500 Abercorn St. #19


WALKING INTO Prime Liquor Store in the Twelve Oaks Shopping Center is different from a quick pit stop for a bottle of wine. It's more of a luxury experience to wander in the front door, taking note of the bars on either side of the entrance attractively displaying higher-end spirits.

A quick right will take customers into the red wine humidor, a unique aspect of the store. Then, guests can feel free to wander the rows of cognac, Scotch, bourbon, gin, vodka and tequila before arriving at the extensive coolers of beer choices.

The last stop is the cigar room, a hand-built creation of cedar with the aroma of over 30 varieties of cigars permeating the area. Customers are encouraged to educate themselves on the iPad outside the door, offering information on the origin of the cigars along with liquor and wine pairings for their flavor profiles.

Owners and sisters-in-law Teejal Patel and Priyanka Pardeshi are pleased to offer a unique take on a liquor store.

“We wanted to give everyone the experience of walking in and having their eyes light up,” Teejal said.

They focus on catering to their customer base, already ordering special liquor requests for people looking for a personal preference in liquor or cigars. Teejal says they stock those requests for later times.

“We want our customers to come back,” Teejal said.

The business is special for other reasons as well. Female-owned liquor stores aren’t the norm. The idea was developed in conversation one day between the two women.

“We were talking one day about how our husbands were in the restaurant business and we thought we should do something as well,” Teejal recalls. “We wanted to do some-thing different that a woman normally wouldn’t do. We thought of a liquor store.”

They began to plan with both of their husbands serving as invaluable resources for the new business. They decided to shatter the normal perception of a liquor store, choosing to make it less like a warehouse and more like high-end shopping. The women hired staff that they treat like their own family, which translates to great customer service. The employees and owners both search out answers to questions asked and try to ac-commodate any request.

They are also a great stop for the holidays. Prime Liquors stocks bows and wrapping paper, and will package your purchase for a small fee. They have the capability to etch most bottles or special glasses and can have the perfect liquor gift ready and personalized in about a week.

The store is planning a Grand Opening for December 14, 2020. A portion of the sales that day will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. Teejal and Priyanka plan to continue donating to local charities, rotating their efforts around Savannah to do their part for the community.

Teejal has a goal of establishing their business as a local favorite with hard work.

“We want to do our best. It’s our baby - you raise it and hope it turns out the best,” she said. “We want to break the norm for what liquor stores can be.”