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A wheel good time
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The annual Midnight Garden Ride happens this weekend. Saturday night, to be exact.

While it's somewhat unfortunate that this awesome event happens to start at the same time as the kickoff of Georgia's opening game of the season, I guess that's what DVRs are made for...

Be that as it may. As someone who has ridden in the Midnight Garden Ride in the past, I can tell you that it's an event well worth participating in.

It is a rare pleasure indeed to traverse the squares of downtown Savannah after dark, without the nuisance of meandering tourists, glacially slow trolleys and carriages, CAT buses and road rage crazies.

Now, I do have some advice for you. If you've ever hung out with bicyclists, you know there's a certain type to watch out for: The dude rocking the racing gear with the ten thousand dollar bike who thinks he's racing the Tour de France every time he steps on his trusty steel steed.

My advice: Let the Lance Armstrong wannabes truck out on ahead. They'll be gone in a flash and you can continue your twilight ride at a leisurely pace, enjoying the gorgeous scenery of Savannah at night unfolding slowly all around you, from a brand-new vantage point.

And after that roll on over to Forsyth Park to enjoy a free Savannah Stopover-sponsored show featuring Ben Sollee and Cheyenne Marie Mize (the latter of whom many of you will remember from Stopover earlier this year.)

And hopefully the score of the Bulldog game will be to your liking when you get home...