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Last chance to vote for the Best of Savannah
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Let me get right to the point: You have only until April 30 to go here and vote in our Best of Savannah Readers Poll.

After that we will download all the results, compile them, and assemble our annual "Best of Savannah" special issue, set to hit stands May 18.

There's already a ton of social media buzz on our own Facebook page as well as lots of others, as people lobby for their favorites and businesses seek to boost their vote totals.

But remember it's all up to you: The winners are the winners regardless of who lobbied whom and where.

We ask only that you fill out a minimum of 25 categories - the better to get a quality snapshot of our readers' preferences - and refrain from any really obvious attempts at ballot-stuffing (after a decade-plus of doing this contest, we're getting pretty good at sniffing those out.)

There are lots of copycat contests like ours out there now, many of them overlapping their voting period with ours.

But Connect Savannah's Best of Savannah contest remains by far the most extensive and complete such local endeavor, and I'm confident our readers won't be confused by any of the various efforts to mimic it.

In other news this week, while the new Sunday sales bill got most of the political attention in Georgia, another key development came with the passage by the state General Assembly of a controversial, Arizona-style immigration bill.

In this issue our Patrick Rodgers delves into the details of both the bill and the opposition to it.

While as of this writing Gov. Nathan Deal hasn't signed the bill into law, it seems almost a sure thing that he will. What's less of a sure thing is whether the various threats of an economic boycott of the state - which could impact Savannah's tourism industry - will materialize.