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Mike's movie
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ONE OF THE more underrated local talents is Michael Jordan, former WSAV anchor and current PR director for the Coastal Heritage Society, who is also quietly building quite a portfolio as an independent documentary producer.

Jordan’s old-school love of history blends with his modern style and willingness to throw himself into a story to make his work particularly compelling. His previous indie credits include Ships for Victory, chronicling coastal Georgia’s role in building World War II’s Liberty ships, and Friends in the Fight, about the cooperative effort of the American and British military in the Middle East.

I’ve always gotten along well with Michael, because we’re alike not only in our shared interest in military history but in the fact that both of us are sort of in-betweeners: We’re neither part of the old-boy network nor are we part of the new wave of hipsters in town who act like they’re the first to discover the place.

Anyway, check out his newest release, The Two Georgias, this Thursday night at the Savannah History Museum on MLK Boulevard. The free showing starts at 7 p.m., with a cash bar at six, with a short Coastal Heritage Society meeting in the middle.

The film compares two chapters in regional military history by telling the story of the ironclad CSS Georgia (set to be raised from the Savannah River in advance of a planned harbor deepening) and the nuclear submarine USS Georgia, based at Kings Bay, a former Trident nuclear missile sub which has been retrofitted for a new career in the post 9/11 era.

Except for a couple of runoffs August 5, the primary election season is over. And any true political junkie with a taste for weirdness is bound to be a little disappointed at the results.

How much fun would it have been to watch a debate this fall between Pete Liakakis and James Dewberry for county commission chairman? They could sell tickets to that thing.

Or how about a smackdown between Regina Thomas and Ben Crystal for U.S. Congress? They could make that one pay-per-view and plenty of people would watch it.

Alas, such delicious drama is not to be, and we’ll have to settle for a far more hum-drum assortment of combatants. Oh, well, no one ever said democracy would be easy, or fun....