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Six degrees of awesome
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The Savannah Film Festival is back again with an outstanding variety of films and special guests. You've heard of ‘Six Degrees of Separation?' You don't even need six degrees to make some fun connections this year.

For example: This year's Film Festival special guest Michelle Monaghan co-starred in sometime Lowcountry resident Ben Affleck's Gone Baby Gone, and now Affleck has directed Film Festival special guest John Goodman in Argo, and Goodman is here to promote his new film Flight which also stars Denzel Washington, and both Goodman and Washington were with Film Festival guest James Gandolfini in 1998's Fallen, and Gandolfini's final scene in The Sopranos featured Journey's "Don't Stop Believin,'" and filmmaker Ramona Diaz brings her Journey documentary Don't Stop Believin' to the Film Festival this year, and Gandolfini's co-star in the film he's in Savannah to promote,Violet & Daisy, Alexis Bledel, had a role in the Savannah-filmed The Conspirator.

(See Bill DeYoung's enormously entertaining interview with Goodman. I interview Diaz as well, and you'll see my talk with Monaghan next week.)

I'm sure the real film geeks among you can do a much better job. In any case, we hope you enjoy our annual special coverage of this very special annual event. We'll have more blockbuster coverage in the following issue and of course plenty of social media updates as the event goes on.

Of course there's also a little thing called an election, and this week's issue has my interview with Steve Oppenheimer, candidate for Georgia Public Service Commission. If you don't know what the PSC does, you should - they are the ones responsible for approving the huge electricity bills you pay right now, a cost which has gone up about 25 percent over the last five years.

And this week we also continue our annual tradition of highlighting Halloween special events, with ghostly stories from Augusta Statz and Jessica Leigh Lebos (who also interviews filmmaker/supermodel Christy Turlington Burns this week), not to mention Bill's pieces on the ghastly inaugural Graveface Festival and the much-anticipated GAM show...
Wow, I'm too scared to write anymore. See you at the Film Festival!