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The Fall Arts Preview
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The waning of summer means two most excellent things: 1) College football (of course); and 2) the beginning of Savannah's fall cultural season, with all its attendant buzz and vibrancy.

As for that second point, our Fall Arts Preview special issue is our way of compiling all those fun and enriching events - or as many as we can get our hands on, anyway - into one easy-to-read, accessible guide so that you can mark your calendars, whether on the wall or in your cellphones.

We do heartily encourage you, however, to keep checking Connect Savannah each week for updates and additions; invariably many, many dozens of events will come to light in the meantime.

In my time here at the newspaper, probably the most salient thing that's happened over the years has been the absolute explosion of arts and cultural events in Savannah.

While the tourism sector has undergone its own robust expansion, the exponential increase in cultural programming has, to my mind, been an even more significant mark of Savannah's growth as a cosmopolitian metro area with a distinct cultural life all its own.

The growth has been evident even in the past year, a supposedly down time in most other areas because of the economy. Our Fall Arts Preview issue this year is significantly larger than last year's, both in literal size as well as in scope of coverage.

Here's what we've got:

Fall Festivals

Fall Art Exhibits

Fall Arts Classes

Fall Film Screenings

Fall Theatre & Dance

Fall Concerts

Fall Authors & Ideas

(Cover image: ‘Harmonious Seasons’ by Laura Dinello. More artwork available at; Chroma Gallery is part of the Savannah Fine Art Dealers Association Fall Gallery Hop Oct. 21)