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One of the most interesting things about working for Connect is how the same people who usually don't give us much respect also seem pretty intent on copying us whenever they can.

Case in point is our annual "Best of Savannah" Readers Poll, which is simultaneously by far the oldest and most successful of such local competitions, and also the most imitated.

Over the years we've become accustomed to other publications sometimes obsessively glomming onto whatever we're doing, and this is nowhere more apparent than with our Best of Savannah poll and special issue.

Beware of cheap imitators! Just because someone else has moved their own competition to almost the exact same time as ours doesn't mean they're affiliated with us. Quite the opposite.

And just because you'll often see other publications' major advertisers serendipitously receiving all the big awards - purely coincidentally, I'm sure - doesn't mean our competition is similarly operated.

As has been the case ever since we began Best of Savannah well over a decade ago, our winners are the winners, period. However our readers vote is how the cookie crumbles and how the winners get chosen, regardless.

Voting's open now at

As usual, we ask that our readers pick at least 25 categories to answer (several, such as Best City Council Member for example, are drill-down menus, which will make this easier).

We do this A) to ensure that we get a full picture of the state of the art of Savannah's best of everything; and B) to keep egregious ballot-stuffing to a minimum - though we do encourage friendly lobbying!

Voting closes at midnight May 1 and our huge annual "Best of Savannah" special issue hits stands May 23.

So have fun with it - now's your chance to be heard and actually have your votes mean something!