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Catching rain in a barrel
Workshop helps save money on your water bill
A rain barrel under a gutter spout

KELLY LOCKAMY is a landscape artist and the owner of Organically Yours, a gardening and landscaping service located in Savannah. This year for Earth Day, Kelly is hosting a special workshop to teach people how to turn a standard trash can into a rain barrel.

Though rain barrels are a conservation source which can usually cost up to $100 per barrel, through Kelly’s workshop, you can learn to create your own for the price of a trash can.

What exactly are rain barrels?

Kelly Lockamy: It’s a system that will catch the water that falls on your roof that would normally run out to the street and flood an area in the yard. It catches the water for use, so that you can water your plants, wash your car if you have a pump in there to set it, and use the water you wouldn’t use otherwise.

What are the benefits of using rain barrels?

Kelly Lockamy: To lessen the runoff from your property - like if you live in town, lessen the impact of storm drains. It helps to conserve water so that you don’t have to use tap water for your plants. You can save on your water bill.

Why did you do this workshop?

Kelly Lockamy: I think the public needs to be educated in ways of conservation. We don’t always think about these methods that other countries use and that our forefathers used. A lot of towns have cisterns that our firefighters used to use back in the day, when they had horse drawn fire trucks. It’s not new technology, it’s old ways that saved a lot of money and water.

Rain Barrel Workshop

When: 1 p.m. Sat. April 19Where: Forsyth ParkCost: Free