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Curbside carts are here
One of the new carts at a southside house - photo by Courtesy City of Savannah
THE CITY of Savannah began door-to-door delivery of new curbside recycling carts to Savannah households on Friday.

The first 3,000 of the roughly 48,000 recycling carts went to Southside locations such as Coffee Bluff. Road between 9 and 9:30 a.m. The 96-gallon, black and yellow carts will be a citizen's primary interface with the new single-stream system, which allows you to drop plastic and glass bottles, metal cans, paper and cardboard into a single recycling container with no sorting required.

Cart delivery to all 48,000 households in Savannah is expected to take about a month. However, recycling collection, which will occur twice a month, will not actually begin until week of Jan. 5, 2009.