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Soul Waves emphasizes wellness journeys
A private therapy rooms located in Soul Waves.

TWENTY YEARS AGO, Dana Danielson dreamed up an idea for a wellness retreat in her local town, Savannah.

At the time, her corporate job as a photographer began to shift paths and spent 12 teaching movement practices, Craniosacral therapy and massages at other studios.

As she continued to follow her path, Danielson studied practices that showed her ways to open up the body’s own “inner wisdom” and innate ability to heal. Finally, in October 2019, her dream came to fruition and Soul Waves officially opened. “The first real ‘home’ for these practices I wish to share with my community,” Danielson said.

Soul Waves offers a variety of services and classes to help with inner healing – to unplug and detox, relax in the hot tub soak and infrared sauna.

“They can be booked for either quiet time alone, with a special friend, or group. In fact, folks can host a private event here that might include a private de-stress class, soak/saunas, and other possible services,” Danielson said.

They also offer massages, Craniosacral therapy, facials and lash services.

In addition to services, Soul Waves offers one of a kind classes such as Middle Eastern Dance (Belly Dance), Healing in Motion, 5Rhythms Dance, Immersive Meditation (with Sound Healing), Yoga, and monthly Spiritual Guidance workshops.

“A real vortex of gifted teachers has come together at Soul Waves to offer ‘their unique thing’ to the community,” Danielson said.

Underneath the fun experience of taking these classes, Soul Waves strives to connect on a deeper level.

“Our intention and underlying goal of all this work is that each person finds their own healing path within,” Danielson said. “We believe that when the chaotic mind gets quiet, the body knows exactly how to heal. When the mud settles, the clarity and inner guidance comes through.”

However, Danielson has found more ways to invite the community into her space.

“We also rent rooms (private therapy), so that independent practitioners can have a business within Soul Waves,” Danielson said. “For example, anyone offering a type of practice that is one-on-one, such as massage, acupuncture, coaching or talk therapy, can rent a room (part-time to full time) and offer their services under our roof. Essentially, they run their own practice while having the support of peers and shared community space.”

They plan to open an outdoor space soon for groups and classes where members can socially distance while meeting and practicing. Once it is open, Danielson said Soul waves will resume their monthly wellness lectures with notable guest speakers who are experts in medicine and natural health.

As other small businesses have struggled through the pandemic, Soul Waves has experienced its fair share of obstacles. However, Danielson is committed to meeting the physical, emotional, and mental needs of Savannah locals.

“It’s all ‘a practice’ and not ‘a perfect,’” Danielson said.

At this point, health has become even more important as COVID-19 is a growing concern. With that comes, mental health issues, which also are increasing due to isolation and lockdown. And the soul of Danielson’s business is aiding others in their journey through inner-healing.

“We all have the innate wisdom and access to an internal pharmacy,” Danielson said. “Soul Waves services and classes are there to help discover that.”

Danielson’s unique creation is a hub for locals to embark on their wellness journey.

“There are a million health tips out there on the web, in a million shapes, colors, formats, and prices,” Danielson said. “But without an inner compass and discernment within yourself, it’s all only slightly potent. But what I know to be true is that each of us can access that place in us that knows beyond a doubt, what is next for truly ‘feeling good.’”