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48 Hour Film Project: Savannah wins big-time
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Savannah’s first year of hosting the 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) was something of a personal victory for Tyler M. Reid, the Savannah producer for the two-day short film competition.


Last fall, Reid approached the national organizers of 48HFP and volunteered to produce the Savannah contest.  Reid competed in the Louisville event in 2007 and twice assisted with organizing the Cincinnati competition.


“They instantly shot me down,” he says.  After many begging calls and pleading emails Reid gave up. Organizers thought Savannah was too small to draw enough filming teams for a viable competition.


“In January they contacted me out of the blue,” says Reid.  “Someone a little higher up had read through the emails.  We had a big long phone conversation and they said ‘OK, let’s get it going.’ ”


But by mid June, with only two teams signed up for Savannah’s event, national organizers decided to cancel it.  Reid convinced them to wait, and by early July, fifteen teams were registered for the July 17 – 19 weekend. Fourteen of those teams participated.


In the end, Savannah made national 48HFP history, scoring two “firsts” for the First City.


The Porkrolls team, who drew the “buddy film” genre at Friday night’s kickoff, called Reid a few hours into the competition and asked if one of their film’s “buddies” could be a dog instead of a person.  In short order, Reid called 48HFP higher ups, going all the way to the top of the organization, and got the OK.  None of the 48HFP leaders had encountered this request before.  “I think this is the first time the [48HFP] buddy film has been used with a guy and a dog,” says Reid.


Savannah’s other first?  Punctuality.


“All 14 teams [turned in their films] on time, for the first time ever,” says Reid. “After nine years competing in 88 cities, that’s thousands of teams. The first time Des Moines did it there were only 12 teams, and there was still one late film.”



The Winners


Best Use of Character: "The Golden Goose" by The Trails of Job

Best Use of Prop: " All's Fair" by Team Gamecock

Best Use of Line of Dialogue: "Last Call" by Mango Tree Productions

Best Graphics: "iPeace" by Team Team

Best Sound Design: "Acid Green" by Team Don't Panic

Best Musical Score: "Bed Liners" by Cold Feet Productions

Best Cinematography: "The Pearl" by The 6to9 Film Collective

Best Acting:  “Renfield’s Syndrome” by Perpombellar Productions

Best Editing: "The Pearl" by The 6to9 Film Collective

Best Writing: "Renfield's Syndrome" by Perpombellar Productions

Best Directing: "Renfield's Syndrome" by Perpombellar Productions

Audience Choice Award: "A Man About A Dog" by The Porkrolls

Best of Savannah: "Renfield's Syndrome" by Perpombellar Productions