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September [Swan] Song
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There’s something about September that gets my attention.

Not in a “Yo!  Over here!” waving–its–arms–wildly kind of way. More like a tap on the shoulder, a whisper in the ear.

Year after year, the fallish dip in temperature and humidity, only five or six degrees but still noticeable, teams up with the expanding activities calendar to nudge me along a new path, toward a new idea. Those barely perceptible nudges often take me on journeys that are measured in giant strides rather than baby steps.

In 1986 I moved from Athens to Oregon during September, and then eight years later, almost to the day, moved from Oregon to my hometown of Savannah to be with my dying father. 

One September I left a career.

Delete - Merge UpIn another September I closed my bookstore. And in September 1998 I was baptized, perhaps the biggest “new direction” I’ve ever taken.

This year’s September nudge is minor by comparison — no geographical moves, no major life changes to speak of.

Instead, I’m saying farewell to “Hear and Now,” the column that I’ve been privileged to write for Connect Savannah since May 2007.

My writing and my life are headed in a new direction, one that is more introspective and personal than is appropriate for the newsy, what’s–going–on–in–Savannah focus that Connect is famous for.

So it’s time to follow that path and close up the column–writing portion of my writing life.

Besides, I’ve aged out of my current head shot.I cannot even pretend that six–year–old photo still looks like me.

My apologies to Jefferson Street, for incorrectly calling you Tattnall Street.  Ditto to the river I misnamed and the people whose names I misspelled.

Thanks to the readers, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with, or like or dislike, what I wrote. It’s an honor to be read, either way.

And especially, thank you to Editor–in–Chief Jim Morekis for the opportunity to be part of an excellent team of writers and production staff, and for your steadfast encouragement.

Savannah is an endless wellspring of great material, always bubbling up with something different to do, new ways to approach things, interesting ideas, and lots of smart people to do them, despite the determination of many to think of our city as stuck in the old ways, and despite some community leaders’ diligent efforts at keeping the status quo.

Finding and sharing the freshness and intelligence and hopefulness of Savannah is what I have loved the most about "Hear and Now."

Sometimes I’ve succeeded in that.  Other times, not so much. But sharing those great stories is what I will miss the most.

So. September, you’ve done it again. I’m off on a new and different path.

I don’t know where you’re nudging me this time, but I’m eager to find out.