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Actually, I CAN blame teachers
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Regarding your column "Let's stop blaming teachers for everything:"

Thanks a lot for adding fuel to the fire and thanks for parroting that other publication which is headquartered on Chatham Parkway by using the term "firing."

I thought you and Connect Savannah was a cut about them but then apparently you're not. I am sure you heard how the students took the headline out of that paper and went up and down the corridors of Beach High School telling teachers "you're fired"! Apparently Donald Trump is one of their instructors, he must be giving "private lessons via on-line."

The term "held accountable", what is your defintiton, Jim? It has been flung around like Frisbees, but has never really been given a meaning.

Parents have to feel like they are truly stakeholders in their children's education, unfortunately some of these principals and teachers get rather "territorial" when parents show up at the school. They have ways of making parents feel like they are intruders henceforth the school is not parent-friendly or community stakeholder friendly.

Certain school board members and elected officials don't help matters any by engaging in "parent bashing". Then these same aforementioned groups have the gall to expect parents and other members of the public to subsidize their "grand schemes" via ESPLOST monies or millage rates.

To paraphrase Jerry Lee Lewis: "Come on over baby, whole lot of scapegoating going on."

Ivan Cohen