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City manager 'comedy of errors'
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Regarding your story last week, "City search gets weird," I couldn't agree with you more. But I would go an extra mile to say that the whole procedure has been a comedy of errors.

It might be an ideal pilot for a sitcom, I am amazed not amused. Frankly this has been a pitiful moment in the hostess city of the South, and if CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and even the BBC networks were to pick up on this story Savannah would be the laughing stock all over the country and all over the world.

While I am sure that Chris Morrill was an able assistant city manager, mentioning his name at this point in time underscores desperation as opposed to some kind of yearning for temporary relief.

While Savannah is being touted as this charming, beautiful, vibrant city and a popular travel destination: it is not lost on me the fact that the residents of metropolitan, inner city, the 'hood Savannah are mere spectators to all the hype. Thanks to gentification and Section 8, they are being banished to the hinterlands of the southside.

It speaks volumes that the local school system while producing mayors and council cannot produce a city manager. A slogan is going around saying "it pays to buy local in Savannah" apparently it does not pay to recruit local in Savannah for the top official who manages the day to day operation of the city.

Ivan Cohen

Keep up political reporting


Regarding "City manager search gets weird": Thanks Jim Morekis for the awesome reporting! Nobody else covers what we all need to know about basic issues of our city. I have to applaud all your hard work.

Thanks for keeping real political writing alive... a lost art. You always put in the extra effort to say something others would let slide.

Jonathan Morgan

Search a 'farce'


Since I've lived here only 23 years and am from Europe, I learned that true Savannahians don't like newcomers but want their money, and they don't want any input from some Northerners.

The whole city manager search is a farce. I guess the Mayor learned from his colleagues in DC.