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Don't slash university budgets
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As a student in the University System of Georgia at Armstrong Atlantic State University, I am incredibly distraught over the proposed budget cuts for the fiscal year 2011. It is not only appalling to think that cutting the educational funding of this state is a possibility but is also an absolute embarrassment to those who value education in the Peach State.

It is illogical to implement cuts which will discourage students from attending classes and the cuts will only serve to drive
students OUT of the state of Georgia to other schools where the out-of-state tuition rates will be similar to those of the in-state hikes in this state. By eliminating various majors at various schools, the state is only serving to handicap students who have already begun their academic career with much time and money invested.

Also, it must be noted that those students with loans will be further harmed, not having any source of positive income from their efforts thus far.

Again, as a concerned student in this state, I urge you to fight for us, the future of this state, this country, this planet. Without an education, the human race loses its humanity and retains nothing of the promises of those who have fought, literally, and died for our freedoms.

Brandon Nelson McCoy