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Feedback from our readers
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Scheinbart also running for 163rd District


I read your recent article 'Primary Colors,' July 14-20, and, as usual, was appreciative of your publication's great writing and reporting... that is, until I reached the end of the article.

It's probably a minor point, but I found the section titled "State Representative - District 163" to be misleading. In that section, the question presented to your readers ("Who will replace Burke Day to represent the Islands?") assumes the Republican candidate for the office will win the race, as those are the only people profiled and presented as candidates.

I am also running in that race, albeit uncontested for the Primary. I would greatly appreciate a mention of my candidacy for Representative of House District 163 simply to clarify the omission. If you would also like to include my campaign website - - that would be cool, too.

Jeremy Scheinbart

Candidate, House District 163 Representative

Thanks for food piece


I just wanted to thank you very much for Patrick Rodgers' excellent article "We Are What We Eat." I thought your article did a great job of describing this problem in Savannah, and it was inspiring to read of the heroic efforts by the groups working to improve this situation.

I think you do Savannah a big service bringing attention to these quality of life issues, and for detailing positive steps people are taking to make Savannah even greater. Thanks again.

Brad Beaman