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Feedback on Supreme Court column
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Clarification on 'lying weasel'


Regarding last week’s Editor’s Note, “We the Corporations”:

In the Santa Clara case in 1886, the court specifically did not address the corporate personhood question, because it was not necessary to adjudicate the case. The decision states this explicitly.

What DID happen, was the court reporter who wrote the summary of the case, who was a former president of a railroad company, claimed in the summary (the “head notes”) that the court had declared corporations to be persons.
So really, one lying weasel in 1886 created out of thin air the travesty that led to the Court’s recent horrendous decision.

Liane Allen


Thanks for column


Thanks for your editorial “We the Corporations.” It’s the hard truth and I applaud your courage in stating it.

Tony Pizzo

Vote even though it hurts


Your editorial, “We the Corporations” is finely written and coldly, brutally true.

Having said that, I must emphatically state that we Americans, Democrats and Progressives cannot become paralyzed by disappointment. We must go to the polls. Every year. Every race.

A disillusioned electorate is why the Cosmopolitan model won in Massachusetts and why the Far Right will take our country if we stay away.

I still have faith in this Presidency. He’s no dummy after all. And imagine the alternative.

Joseph Alfieris