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Feedback: Parrish column hit home
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Parrish column hit home


I just want to say that the recent column by Tom Parrish about his experience as a child of the same era as me (‘Grow it again’) touch the deepest part of my patriotism through connecting my experience as a teenager who woke up at 15 years old in 1970 in Atlanta and my 63 year old self in Savannah today.

He says exactly what I feel about our country today and its dangerously misguided state of mind and action.

His sadness and disappointment mirror my own but also help me not succumb to disgust and check out by not paying attention to the larger arena of my state, my country and our world. 

My brother opened my world. He decided when I could drink a beer, when I could smoke pot, 15, and put Carl Jung into my hands and Crosby Nash Stills and Young into my ears.

It was an incredible and powerful awakening and has led me to my career as a psychotherapist here in Savannah. 

I have noticed a tug back to old styles of dress and music. More jeans, new hiking boots, bandanas and “hippie” purses and backpack. Even more fun at 63!!

I didnt know where whence that urge came until I read ‘Grow it again.’ Bingo! Some part of me trying to be symbolic of my beliefs as Long hair was for Tom way back then.

So tell Tom to keep writing, I had to send his column to SO MANY PEOPLE as well as posting it on my Facebook page twice with an admonition to READ IT the second time. It was perfect!

Every Wednesday as my husband and I wander the city early, living downtown the reason we moved here 12 years ago, we often stop for breakfast at the Bean and getting the new edition of Connect is a delightful ritual.

I first turn to Jim’s column as I think it is the most important and informative and trustworthy column written about our city. I really really miss Jessica Leigh Lebos’s columns, but all are great and Tom is outstanding as always. 

He is singing my tune with some very shared experiences.

Thank you,

Braswell Gamble