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How to beat TSPLOST
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With reference to the letter from Bill Evelyn in the Feb 15-21 issue of Connect Savannah, I would just like to say that voting "no" on July 21 is most likely a complete waste of time.

By the time the issue is put to the vote, the imposition of the new tax is basically a "done deal", seeing as how the special interests -- i.e. government employees, contractors, and others who see themselves as directly benefitting -- invariably make up the majority of the small number of votes cast that day.

Everyone else is too busy working, fighting to "put bread on the table" (especially these days), to have the time spare to go vote "no".

Besides, most voters still mistakenly believe that more government revenues and "services" is actually a good thing despite governments despicable record in every area it manages to stick its nose [and later, its whole body :-)] into.

As the author of a four-part series that Connect Savannah, in its previous incarnation as Creative Loafing, kindly published; a series that closely examined the local violations of State S.P.L.O.S.T. laws that were routinely, errm, "encouraged" by local government and various special interests, all I can offer by way of encouragement for Mr. Evelyn and others like him is that in my humble opinion S.P.L.O.S.T. enactments and/or extensions can be defeated, but not in the manner normally assumed (i.e. not by voting "No".)

From my own laborious research I have come to believe that the best chance [although still slim!] for defeat of S.L.O.S.T. initiatives occurs before they ever get to the point where they will be voted on by the err, " general public".

The (former) Village Idiot