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Kudos on Top 11 of 2011
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Ogeechee incident rallied communities


I just wanted to thank you and your staff at Connect Savannah for including the Ogeechee River fish kill in your Top 11 of 2011. It was a tragic and unfortunate incident on the beloved Ogeechee, but more than anything I think it rallied communities and citizens to stand up for themselves and the river.

We still have work to do in 2012 (at least) to ensure the river is restored and to prevent another catastrophe from occurring again, but articles like yours are helpful in educating the public on happenings in their own backyard.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Emily Markesteyn

Executive Director, Ogeechee Riverkeeper

Racing's contribution is important


In terms of economic impact as well as historical significance, having the Ferrari and Porsche Clubs hold their annual meetings in Savannah was a big deal, especially given that it was the 100th anniversary of the 1911 Great Savannah Races. Everyone who attended spoke in glowing terms about the City and the race track on Hutchison Island.

Having the track so close to downtown and next to the Westin Hotel is a big draw. No other city can boast of this arrangement.

It is important that we recognize the contribution that racing has made to Savannah - past, present and future.

Carlton E. Joyce |