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Letter: Iraq in the rearview
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Regarding your column, “Cheney’s Ghost:”

I think many Americans know in 2014 that those Americans in 2003 that promoted and glorified invading Iraq were wrong. That false sense of patriotism that existed in 2003 and the eventual sight of George W. Bush on that aircraft carrier claiming victory rings hollow in the seem to be forever war triggered by his administration.

The Bush administration was oblivious to the fact that such an invasion would cause deep divisions among the Sunnis and Shi’ites population.

Some in the world today would say since the invasion by the Bush administration the Middle East is lost on a steady path toward an all-out war; the players in this war from all different regions are the Sunnis against the Shi’ites.

It has always been my opinion that the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein served as a buffer in the Middle East; for better or worse, his regime was part of a domino piece that held back and up other regions in the area.

Iraq was a safer place compared to today; al-Qaida and ISIS did not have a foothold in that region.

Americans and people in other parts of the world that were against invading Iraq in 2003 and are living now in 2014 know that the Bush administration and some in the American media contributed to the unrelenting violence in the Middle East; there are others that are conveniently in denial.

Alfred Waddell