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Letter: Keep up the fight against GMOs
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Thank you Jessica Leigh Lebos for your article on Monsanto ("What To Do When You're Blue In the Face"). The Forsyth Park Rally you drew an impressive crowd. It was reassuring to see how many people were aware of the issues involved, since they don't get covered on the evening news.

The day before the rally I briefed myself with movies from YouTube. In the film Genetic Roulette, Andrew Kimbrell, director of the Center for Food Safety, makes an encouraging speech recounting the victories citizens have won against Monsanto—how we've successfully kept genetically engineered potatoes, tomatoes, rice and wheat off the market. I was heartened.

But on May 30 there was a very troubling story on NPR about an Ohio farmer who suspected his wheat had been transgenically contaminated. He had the wheat tested and his fears were confirmed by the Dept. of Agriculture. But they reassure us there is no public health danger. Like Monsanto and their puppet, the FDA, they lie, lie, lie.

All the scientific studies done (including Monsanto's own, which they buried, of course) pointed to very alarming conclusions—linking the GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods) to cancer, autoimmune diseases and reproductive problems just to name a few.

The NPR story also mentions that in 2006 traces of genetically engineered rice were found in a large part of the American rice harvest. It's scary. Once Pandora's box is opened how do you get that stuff back in?!

Now what do we do? Inform as many people as we can about the issues and sit on our representatives to repeal section 735 of the Consolidated and further Continuing Appropriations Act (also called The Monsanto Protection Act) exempting biotech companies GMOs from legal review. "Organic Bytes," the online newsletter of the The Organic Consumers Organization has educational material as well as petitions to sign and action alerts.

Make noise, rally, talk, write, research, march—we've got to. It's the world's food supply at stake.

Eve Herbst