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Letter to the editor: Stopping the cycle of school violence
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Stopping the cycle of school violence


The criminals that haunt our schools do so because our schools have failed to protect our children. They have failed to be proactive.

Instead of preparing for the worst, our schools continue to use outdated programs that foster inability and fear. Most schools in our area use the Avoid, Deter, Defend (ADD) program, where the key to success is school staff’s ability to hide or lock down the students. 

We have witnessed over the past year how this approach fails to work during active shooter situations and how programs such as these are no longer effective options. 

Instead of a being a soft target for mentally ill killers, like arguably every active shooter event this past year, it’s time to fight back.

There must be action—not plastering the shooter’s face all over news and social—but more comprehensive active shooter preparation within our schools. 

If schools are unwilling or fiscally unable to put more guards in our schools, then they must train those they have available: our teachers. By arming teachers with the knowledge to recognize and respond to an active shooter situation they can assist resource officers on the scene. Never underestimate our teachers.

With proper training and proactive planning, we can build a safe environment, conducive to learning, that can be protected during an active shooter event. 

Nathan Berry