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Letters to the Editor
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Patriots Anonymous


I enjoyed your column “Patriot Games” so much I had to write a response. Like you, I am a recovering patriot gamer.  Though I never stooped to name calling, I just don’t feel it necessary to wear my politics on my sleeve any more.

I just got tired of it; the arguing and going back and forth, and then getting mad because the opposition doesn’t see your point of view as relevant. 

But, sometimes people in recovery slip up, and, in this case at least, write a letter.

I think you generalize right wing pundits in the same manner they generalize “liberals.” As someone who watches Bill O’Reilly from time to time, I really wonder if you’ve heard/seen his radio or TV show. 

While not as flippant with the “un-American” criticisms as Sean Hannity (and again, you’ve failed to mention that Hannity has a liberal counter-point in Allen Colmes, or doesn’t his opinion count for anything just because he’s on Fox?), O’Reilly hardly attacks people “night after night......”  You make it sound as if his entire show were a replication of the McCarthy hearings. 

While I’m no fan of Ann Coulter, the media has made her a scapegoat over one sentence taken out of context because of her on-air argument on MSNBC (I think that was the station). Regardless, in her book, she did not say that the widows wanted their husbands to die. 

What she did say was that she “has not seen people enjoying their husbands’ death so much...”, referring to the Jersey Girls’ (as they are called media wide) celebrity status within the media and their “absolute moral authority” (a Coulter-ism, if you will) as experts on the Bush Administration’s lacking in Homeland Security simply because their husbands died on 9/11. 

While Coulter’s statement may ruffle feathers, she has been completely misquoted on this point. Don’t believe me: look it up on Wikipedia.

Regardless, you’re right to say it’s all media hype that drives this mess. The aforementioned people and others in TV and radio have to stir the pot or lest we forget what they do. I don’t think the average citizen is quite as critical of those they don’t agree with because our opinions aren’t paying the bills. 

J. Stevens


Editor’s Note: Far be it from me to argue with a man brave enough to wade through Ann Coulter’s drivel sifting for a stray nugget of rational thought. I’d only make the general point that due to its ever-mutable, open-source nature, Wikipedia is hardly an authoritative source.


A voice for McBerry


Georgia voters have a rare opportunity to vote for a true statesman as opposed to a consummate politician in the upcoming Republican Primary this month. Ray McBerry is a Republican candidate for Governor of Georgia and will be on the ballot in opposition to incumbent Governor Sonny Perdue. 

Mr. McBerry is a highly educated and very articulate candidate who has a thorough understanding of “Government of the People and by the People” as established by Americas founding fathers. He is the only true conservative candidate in the Governors race who represents the Principles and Values America was founded upon which are Constitutional Limited Federal Government, States Rights, and Christian Values and Principles.

Republicans in Georgia are predominately Christian, Conservative, and Patriotic. However the so called Leadership of the Georgia Republican Party may not reflect the core values and beliefs of Grass Root Republicans across the state.

The Metro Atlanta Chamber has publically bragged that they have enough influence on the Perdue Administration to prevent the people of Georgia from voting on key issues that the Chamber opposes.

The voters of Georgia should be aware of the unfair treatment that the Georgia Republican Party has given candidate Ray McBerry. The Executive Committee accepted his $3000 fee the day he qualified for the Governors race at the Georgia State Capitol but then refused to list him as a candidate on the official GOP website. Then he was blacklisted from appearing at Republican events across the state. Incumbent Governor Perdue has refused to debate McBerry. Thus Perdue has not had to defend his record which includes failure to bring automotive manufacturing plants to Georgia and other economic issues important to Georgians.

Georgia voters are encouraged to visit the McBerry for Governor website at This site has became the most frequently visited site in current Georgia politics. Key issues are Immigration, Eminent Domain, Ten Commandments, Second Amendment, Abortion, and Fair Flag vote.

Georgia may witness one of the greatest upsets in Georgia Political History this month when McBerry defeats incumbent Governor Perdue. Thousands of McBerry supporters are active in Georgia every day working to accomplish this goal.

James W. King