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Letters to the Editor
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Thanks for helping with Cracker show


On behalf of Tiny Team Concerts, I just wanted to thank your publication for helping to make our recent June 22 show at American Legion Post #135 a success. The Cracker concert was a complete sellout (a relative rarity in this market), and as those who were there can attest, a wonderful time was had by all, and a large amount of money was raised through bar sales for local charitable causes.

Thanks to our partners at Capital A Productions, the band looked and sounded great in the Grand Ballroom of American Legion Post #135, and it was heartening to see such a diverse crowd of people (from 21 to 65) hanging out, getting along, and watching an internationally-known group in a beautiful, historic space.

By co-sponsoring the show, Connect Savannah aided us immeasurably in spreading advance word of the concert.

Cracker was very happy with the turnout, and remarked that the crowd response they received was the best to date on their tour. With a little luck, we’ll have them back again sometime, as well as their sister band Camper Van Beethoven.

The show itself could not have happened at all without the generous efforts of our co-sponsors, partners, ticket outlets, and the many volunteers who gave freely of their time in order to help us make this town (once again) a viable stop for established touring artists of all genres.

We hope to be able to announce our next show by the end of August, and are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Connect Savannah.

Regardless of where the Tiny Team sets up camp, know that we are totally committed to regularly bringing Savannah what it deserves: Big names (and the best up-and-coming acts), with quality sound, at a fair price — all via old-school, grass-roots promotion.

If any of your readers are interested in learning more about our upcoming events (and how they can help improve the local music scene), I encourage them to contact us through or join us at

tinyteamconcerts. We’ll be happy to add them to our e-mail list.

See you at the next show!

Adrienne Dickerson

Tiny Team Concerts


Where’s Al?


I wasn’t that surprised to find that the Savannah Morning News failed to list Rev. Jim Nelson as the Democratic candidate running for the House of Representatives in their day-before-election-day listing of candidates.  Given the Morning News’ conservative bias, such an omission is understandable.

However, I was not just surprised but amazed to find that Connect Savannah has not run a review of An Inconvenient Truth, the documentary on global warming.  At least, I have yet to find a review on it in spite of its running at the Regal for a couple of weeks now. 

All the schlock spewed out of Hollywood seems to get reviewed.  Here we have in An Inconvenient Truth a truly remarkable film about one of the most important issues we’re facing, the growing environmental crisis created by global warming. Yet somehow no review has appeared in Connect, a publication I consider fairly progressive.

Perhaps, a review will appear after I write this letter.  Still, it would have been much more timely to have reviewed the film when it first came to Savannah.  Speaking of being surprised, I was pleasantly surprised to find An Inconvenient Truth playing at the Regal not long after it was released. 

And it has stayed around longer than I thought it would, too.  All the national attention it has received must be bringing in good numbers of viewers even here in Savannah just like Fahrenheit 9/11 did.

Now if Connect’s movie reviewer would give more attention to reviewing films like An Inconvenient Truth, the numbers could well be even greater.  Then too, who knows, better box office results like that could even help bring in better films to Savannah. 

Will Strong


Editor’s Note: Ah, what can I say that you haven’t already, Mr. Strong? “And it has stayed around longer than I thought it would, too,” pretty much sums up my view as well. Between the difficulty of getting up-to-date information from theatre chains and the fact that our critic, Matt Brunson, has been quite busy with the summer crop of films, Al Gore indeed got short shrift in our paper.