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Letters to the Editor
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Bottoms up!


I do not always agree with your opinions but I always find them well thought out and interesting. However, I find myself in total agreement with your Editor’s Note regarding the recent city–wide elections (“It’s all over but the drinking”).

The realistic presentation of the politics and demographics of the city and the feelings of frustration by a sizable minority of citizens (like me) that nothing is really going to change was in a strange way comforting — it means I’m really not  alone.

Therefore lets put it in perspective and make it a double!

Don Smart

No pap allowed here


I picked up my first copy of Connect Savannah at The Omelette House a couple days ago to have something to read while I waited for my burger.

I expected the familiar pap from weekly free newspapers, but I was amazed and delighted with the quality of stories all through the paper.

Your Editor’s Note on the city election is the most honest and comprehensive discussion of local politics I have read in a very long time. Much more is needed. Thanks.

Jules Homans

Bad acoustics, arrgh


Being as I am one of the few true Savannah–born locals, I feel obligated to appoligize directly to Mr. Joe Bonamassa and his group for the inferior sound of the Johnny Mercer Theatre.

You and your band were excellent. Your talent with a guitar is hard to beat in this age of the beat–box and overdubbing.
The acoustics in the JMT are embarrisingly impossible to defend, and from the seats, hard to accept.

In the future I would suggest trying the LucasTheatre, which will complement your talents, and offer an inviting historical setting.

T. Hamilton