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Letters to the Editor
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The doctor is in -- sane!


After cooling my heels in my physician’s office for the better part of two hours, the doctor finally showed up in the exam room. In a somewhat humorous tone, I dared to suggest that my time might be valuable and perhaps his overbooking of patients was the cause of my long wait.

He went ballistic. With his face just inches from mine, he proceeded to tell me he had been treating sick patients all morning, and suggested that I might want a younger doctor to better accomodate me. Without ever addressing the reason for my visit, he grabbed my medical form and his trusty computer notebook, and stormed out of the office.

He was obviously in need of a vacation, or better still, another vocation.

Days later I was treated like an errant schoolboy when a follow-up phone call from his office informed me that I was dismissed from his practice. I never had an opportunity to tell him that I had already “dismissed” him.

I am by no means suggesting his attitude is typical of Savannah’s medical community. Yet speaking to many of my friends and associates, it is not uncommon.

In business “the customer is always right”. I guess in the medical profession it is the doctor that is not only right, but allowed his tantrums.

Sal Miceli


Do we know Jack?


As I write this, the Democratic Party has regained control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

I hope your readers will remember that Rep. Jack Kingston has supported George W. Bush on all major issues including “reforming” Social Security, maintaining the $5.15 an hour minimum wage and sending thousands of American, British and Canadian troops to be killed and disabled in Iraq.

I hope all Georgia voters will remember these facts when Kingston comes up again for re-election.

John J. Dunn


Connected on Wilmington


I live on Wilmington Island & I want to know where I can get Connect.  I used to get it at Island’s Pizza (out of business) or at Papa John’s (no newspapers there anymore).

I really enjoyed Jane Fishman’s “Read, be radical” and the John Hammond interview.  Keep it up!



Editor’s Note: You can pick up Connect at the following Islands locationa: Kroger, Savannah Bagel, Kanpai of Tokyo, The Brittania, Publix on Whitemarsh.