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Letters to the Editor
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Jennifer Ross doesn’t get an appeal


Your Dec. 12 column by Brandon Blatcher “Round peg in a square hole” says that security cameras in the squares would not be a good idea. I believe they are not only needed, but should be accessible to the police department at all times.

Also, some of the criminals thus apprehended may be wanted in crimes elsewhere, as were the defendants in this case. Would we be better off if they were still at large?

He then insults our intelligence by bringing up the old arguments of race and class. Surely the Ross family has suffered enough by the loss of their daughter one Christmas season, and having it all paraded before us again the next.

Now there will be appeals, with the same racist comments heard once more. Unfortunately, an appeal is not available to the victim.

But the squares are more than pretty houses. They are a part of our history, and an educational source for our children. Several historic black churches are located on or near the squares. A flourishing tourist industry which includes black history and gives employment to all races, is centered there.

My own family and my church have been active in every battle for human rights, and continue to be so. It is tiresome and non-productive to hear nothing of the good people of this community and elsewhere, just negativity.

Margaret W. DeBolt



In regards to Jane Fishman’s piece “Service, please” in response to Richard Florida’s lecture, I must admit that as an ex-New Yorker I had to laugh out loud when she asked, “Who wants to live in a city...if the people we come into contact with daily are surly, mean-spirited or crabby?”

Millions, Jane, millions --- just check out rents in Manhattan.

Stephen Sacco

Tybee Island

Big thanks from Tiny Team


All of us at Tiny Team Concerts just wanted to say thanks very much for continuing to support our efforts to both revitalize and diversify the local music scene.

Our recent Asylum Street Spankers show at  American Legion Post #135 was a tremendous success, and came very close to selling out. The crowd included a wide variety of music lovers from 21 years of age up into their 70s, and most everyone seemed to have a great time.

Such a turnout would likely not have been possible without the assistance we have received from your paper in advertising these events.

As with each and every one of the artists we have brought to town so far (including Webb Wilder & The Nashvegans, Cracker, Frank Black of the Pixies, and bluesman John Hammond), the Spankers were thrilled by the warm and enthusiastic reception they received from the Savannah audience, and are eager to return.

In 2007, we’re looking very forward to bringing an even greater number of critically-acclaimed, internationally-known musicians to town, as well as major names on the standup comedy and lecture circuit – starting with the acoustic duo of Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart at Randy Wood’s Concert Hall in Bloomingdale on Sunday, February 4th.

Hopefully, Connect will be right there with us every step of the way.

Happy New Year!

Adrienne Dickerson

Tiny Team Concerts