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Letters to the Editor
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Shame on Brown & Berkow


I enjoyed your column “Notorious B.E.R.K.O.W.” very much. I have been following this “situation” as much as possible, which is rather difficult. I mean you never know just what or whose point of view you are getting from the local news. 

I think your article was right on target. It appears you have researched some of the pertinent people involved, (or that should have been), and to this reader (for the most part) feel ashamed or at least taken advantage of. Speaks volumes to me. 

My two cents worth says:

 1. Why not try and recoup some of our $50K from the firm that held some (what we all should consider vital) information from our city and us?

 2. Send Berkow back to LA, (not that they want him), and congratulate Chief Lovett on his new position. Case closed and saved us $50K, was that hard?

 Bottom line: If it sounds like Berkow, has affairs like a Berkow, it just might be a Berkow!

PS: Shame on Michael Brown.

Ray Warner



Fishman is an inspiration


I’ve loved reading Jane Fishman’s columns from back when she first started writing for the Savannah Morning News many, many years ago. She inspired me with her columns back when I was an English major and I related to her stories about life in Michigan.

I’ve met her several times over the years through membership in the Macintosh Users’ Group, plays at theaters and on other occasions too numerous to remember. It was refreshing to read her latest article. I immediately copied all of the websites she mentioned into a favorites folder.

She was so right that English majors can become anything they desire to pursue. I’ve ended up writing the Medicare B monthly newsletter for providers in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi for my weekly job and in my spare time, I own a gun shop in Garden City.

I almost ran as a Democrat for the County Commissioner seat in my district in Bulloch County, but dropped out partly because of my busy life and partly because a more qualified candidate also applied to run and I didn’t want to dilute the votes (as if we really had any chance of winning).

I wish Jane the best in life.

Teri Lowery



Joint statement from Otis  & Pete on Berkow situation


It is a good time to reaffirm the commitment of Chatham County and the City of Savannah for the merged police department.  Over the last several months, this commitment has been tested and remains solid with a strong desire to ensure that both governments treat each other as a true partner.

Collectively many more tax dollars are being devoted to police expenditures than ever before. Citizens fully expect that everything be done to protect life and property, while guaranteeing no waste of dollars committed.

Though as individuals, citizens have varied opinions on how best to tackle crime, we remain as one in the understanding that united in the fight will be the only successful strategy.  Going our separate ways will dilute the effort. We have confidence in the Metropolitan Police Department and the men and women who go in harm’s way to protect us.

At the same time, we do not condone or remain uncaring about what may or may not have happened 3,000 miles away in the City of Los Angeles as it relates to the current Chief of the department. There is no guarantee that there will be an immediate legal conclusion in that city’s court system. We can not control the timeliness of what a distant court might decide.

We can say, without any equivocation, that it is our expectation that the Chief of Police of the Metropolitan Department must use excellent judgment during his stewardship.  Anything less not only detracts from what this community demands, but also loses focus and wastes precious resources.

We stand united in the fight against crime and insistence that the metropolitan department, through its chief and command staff, exercise the highest standard in both professional conduct and leadership by example.

Otis S. Johnson

Mayor of Savannah

Pete Liakakis

Chairman, Chatham County Commission