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Letters to the Editor
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Bigots should judge not, lest they themselves be judged


My letter is concerning human rights and gay marriage. I have read the following comment in a local news article: “It’s not homosexuality under attack, but marriage.”

This is an outrageous and ridiculous statement. I feel very much under attack. If you haven’t read the papers and seen the news, then maybe you see what you want to see and hear.

Equal rights goes deeper than water fountains, bus rides or voting. It goes so deep it strikes fear and hatred in the hearts of men and women.

Marriage should be legal and available for consenting adults. How and why would my marriage threaten anyone? Whether they be straight or gay?

There has been so much negative and defensive attitudes toward this issue. How dare anyone be so presumptous, so arrogant and ignorant to say or think my love, my right to the pursuit of happiness, is less than theirs?

The fact is my taxes, my community efforts and donations to worthy causes are just as important as those who oppose gay marriage. So why shouldn’t I (we) be granted the same benefits?

Oh, yes, I’ll tell you. Because it’s “morally and religiously wrong.” Whose morals and whose religion? Not mine.

Those are the morals of the white conservative Bible-thumping males, who have a long, long history of oppressing others, from the native Americans to the Jews, to the Irish, to black slavery to up-to-date homophobia.

How dare anyone judge my morals as a human being. My morals, my right to love and express it in the same manner as anyone else does is detrimental for a better society.

And for those “God-fearing” persons, I write: “Love your neighbors as yourself” (Mark 12:30).

Take a look around, we’re your neighbors!

I also quote from the book of Luke: “Do not judge others and you will not be judged.”

I am a very spiritual person. I go to church every Sunday. I contribute food items to Second Harvest. I do charity work, vote, pay taxes and shop in “your” stores.

I am really sick of these people who use the saying “Adam and Steve” as a defense. Maybe Adam and Eve were in the garden -- I have no fault with procreation. But my choice to love someone where this doesn’t happen is still valid.

I’m a devout Unitarian and a contributing member of society and this community. For anyone to say I’m unable to experience this profound human act of love is not only narrow-minded and blind, but has denied and infringed greatly on my civil rights -- the right to the pursuit of happiness.

My family values are the same as those who fall under the statistics of 2.59 kids and a dog. I have pets and a caring partner who supports me emotionally, financially and spiritually, who puts food on the table, pays taxes, works, goes to church and supports worthy causes.

Bleeds when cut. Cries when sad. Rejoices at holidays. Loves family, God and country.

What more is there?

Joel Ring


Truth hurts, doesn’t it?


As someone who has recently relocated with my family to Savannah from the United Kingdom, I was dismayed to see the views of a certain L. Fowler in Connect’s letters section recently.

Though he or she did not say very much of substance, this person felt it necessary to vent his dislike of left wing opinion by accusing not only certain internationally respected British press organs, but also “any Canadian paper” as being anti-American.

Does L. Fowler really believe that all of these journalists share the same opinion when it comes to the U.S. (not America, which is a continent that includes Canada)?

Or is this person taking issue with - whether this is liked or not -- the inability of the majority of the rest of the world to simply sit back and allow U.S. foreign policy to dominate global issues?

Whatever, the sweeping dismissal of any voice of dissent by L. Fowler is disturbing and as ill-informed as George W. Bush’s laughable description of France and Germany as “old Europe‚” simply because they didn’t agree with his decision to go to war.

It is far too simplistic to state that being against the war in Iraq or even the current administration in this country is to be anti the U.S., despite what George Bush and his supporters (which includes the prime minister and many others in the U.K. too) would have us think.

In terms of press coverage that doesn’t ask those difficult questions posed by some of the media outside this country, the U.S. public is ill served by banner headlines which read “War On Terrorism‚” whenever the war in Iraq is featured on CNN or Fox.

It was pretty clear at the time -- but is crystal clear now -- that Iraq posed no imminent threat when the U.S.A. and the U.K. decided to go to war with it. To suggest that what threat there was from terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda would be eliminated by ousting Saddam Hussein, even for strategic reasons, is plainly absurd.

Whilst it may be rather tedious for L. Fowler to have to digest the usual talking points of the left, boredom is nothing compared to the devastation of Iraq or that of the families of U.S. and U.K. soldiers who continue to be killed in a war that was declared won over a year ago.

If President Bush and L. Fowler are freedom-lovers, why can’t they stomach the debate that is at the heart of a strong democracy?

Or have the BBC, The Guardian, the Canadian press and I simply misunderstood the U.S. version of government?

D. Jeffreys

Lucky to have Linda


Regarding “Reunited and it feels so good,” by Linda Sickler:

I am from the town in Southern Illinois where Linda grew up. We are friends, and after sharing e-mail with her, she sent me your website so I could see what she was doing now.

It was such an interesting story, I wanted to let you know how fortunate you are to have her on your staff. She previously wrote for a paper here which reached every town in the southern third of Illinois. Her articles were always so interesting and well-written, and she is really missed.

Once again, how lucky you are to have her, and I will continue to read her articles now that I know how to find them.

Jane Spain

DuQuoin, Ill.




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