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Letters to the Editor
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Gay issue causing much strife


I'm not in the habit of reading Connect so often these days, being deluged with reading matter, but I am so glad that I read the recent Free Speech column, “I am a Christian, too,” by John Sugg. Thank you to Sugg for saying things I've thought but not put into words.

My husband and I feel like fish out of water a good bit of the time here in Savannah, even though we are both natives.

We've almost quit going to the church he has attended his entire life over the homosexual issue. A few people got it stirred up around three years ago, and I guess it has occupied more time and energy there than any other subject since.

Prior to that, we had a happy group of people, ignorant of one another's opinions on that topic, and I'd have preferred to keep it that way.

The night Bush was named president in 2000 my husband said to me, “This

world's just become a more dangerous place.” Our views on the war and on the

imperialism of our country continue to divide us from most of our friends and

relatives, and sometimes it's hard to remain steadfast.

You did an excellent job with a tough subject. Thanks for giving us a chance

to know that our thinking isn't totally off the mark.

Janie Shuman