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Letters to the Editor
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Endorses Pete Liakakis


I would like to express my wholehearted support for Pete Liakakis. I have known him since the days that we both rode City of Savannah buses out to Ardsley Park where Savannah High School was located.

If memory serves me, Pete’s family owned a restaurant on Oglethorpe Avenue and he regularly took the bus on Whitaker Street at the corner of Oglethorpe Avenue.

My family owned a house on the corner of Harris and Whitaker Streets. The bus’s next stop was at Jones and Whitaker Street, where Richard McKenna and Tiffany Wilson got on the bus.

This was well before the time that John Berendt had written his famous -- or infamous -- book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Since my return to Savannah from my career in New York at New York University and later at St. John’s University, I have occasionally spoken with Pete and hear from others about his political activities in Savannah. This information has made me comfortable about giving Pete Liakakis my whole-hearted support.

I have, in the past, supported Pete and am doing so again by both what I know of his track record and by what two of my best friends have told me about him.

Pete Liakakis is a first-rate businessman who is also mindful of the needs of education as well as mental health. As readers of the Savannah Morning News know, there is talk about the funding for Georgia Regional Hospital located here in Savannah. The next step will be to cut funding for the Clark Center located in Memorial Health University Medical Center.

I urge all citizens to vote in the upcoming election and to vote for Pete Liakakis on the local ticket for chairman of the Chatham County Commission -- and also for Senator John Kerry and Senator Edwards, his vice-presidential running mate.

John J. Dunn


Conservative for Kerry


Regarding “Emperor. No clothes,” by Jim Morekis:

Give 'em hell, Jim. It's about time we faced the truth. Our president lacks the most basic ingredient in leadership --credibility.

This Republican is voting for Kerry/Edwards in November, and I encourage those of you on the fence to join me.

‘Republican for Kerry’


Thanks for ‘Emperor’ column


Just want you to know that your editorial about the emperor with no clothes was terrific -- a breath of fresh air in this hot bed of neo-conservatives!

It is so scary that half of the nation likes Bush and thinks he is a good president. Give me a break! Where do we all go for the next four years if he wins?

Thanks for the editorial.

Sally Clark



Thank you, Janet & Jim


In the Oct. 13th issue Janet Reynolds wrote of how much she agreed with Jim Morekis's editorial “Emperor. No Clothes.” In said editorial, Mr. Morekis's words correctly expressed, correctly told it like it is.

Ms. Reynolds, I'm glad you're one of those whose eyes, hearts, spirits and minds are open to -- as I paraphrase a Rush Limbaugh tome -- the way things really are.

God bless you, Mr. Morekis, for have the bravery, the courage to write what you did, and may He bless Ms. Reynolds for her fighting spirit and kind heart.

Cindy Brown


Light in a time of darkness


Thank you for “The Hidden 100 Words,” Linda Sickler’s article regarding the same-sex marriage amendment.

I am gay and I attend church with Mr. Ludgate. I respect him immensely for his fair-mindedness and courage.

My partner, Adam, and I have been in a committed relationship for almost 5 years now. However, our relationship is recognized only by our loving family and friends.

If the people of this state vote for this amendment, I will become constitutionally a second class citizen. It will be understood and agreed upon that, because I am homosexual, I am not fully guaranteed the “pursuit of happiness.”

In this time of political darkness for gay people, I can only hope that true liberty and true justice will show up at the polls.

David Alderman


Standing up for women


Each October we take time to spotlight women’s health issues, especially breast cancer.

While we focus on the health of women in our country, let us not forget about the health of women around the world who, unfortunately, have become victims of U.S. politics.

In the last three years a bipartisan majority of Congress approved funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Each time, however, President Bush has withheld these funds.

This money would have been used to provide safe motherhood, HIV/AIDS prevention, and contraceptives for women in the world’s poorest countries.

The president claims the UNFPA funding helps supportive coercive abortions in China. Since the money was first withheld in July 2002, the State Department, the British Government, and a multi-faith delegation of clergy have disproved his claim.

Federal law already prohibits U.S. funds from being used for UNFPA programs in China. By continuing to withhold UNFPA funding the president is punishing women in the rest of the world.

Despite our president’s action, we have a unique opportunity to join nearly 140 nations in saving women’s lives. Two Americans, Lois Abraham and Jane Roberts, started 34 Million Friends of UNFPA with the idea that 34 million Americans would each give $1 or more to make up for the funds originally withheld.

Since August 2002 the campaign has raised over $2 million, making it one of the most successful grassroots movements ever.

So, as you do your part to help save women’s lives in our country, take time to help save the lives of women around the world. We can make a difference, one dollar at a time.

To learn more a make a donation (payable to U.S. Committee for UNFPA) visit or write 34 Million Friends of UNFPA, P.O. Box 5343, Denver, CO 80217-5343.

Jody Lanier